нобутеру учида.jpg
Nobuteru Uchida

Film director. Born in Saitama Prefecture in 1972. His feature-length debut, the documentary Pictorial Letters, was awarded Special Jury Prize at the Pia Film Festival in 2003. His first film to be released theatrically, Kazaana (2007), screened at the Dragons & Tigers IFF in Vancouver, as well as other festivals. His third feature, Love Addiction, took home the top prize of the FILMeX festival in Tokyo, followed by screenings at Rotterdam, Hong Kong, Taipei, and San Sebastian. Odayaka (2012) had also traveled widely to Tokyo, Rotterdam, Thessaloniki, and other festivals before it came out in theatres in Japan and Taiwan. In 2013, Uchida completed his fourth film, Love Bombs.

Director of Our Escape.

Aya Uchida


Co-producer of Our Escape.

руйбон сумори.jpg
Ryubun Sumori


Actor, Our Escape.

аи сакураи.jpg
Ai Sakurai


Actress, Our Escape.

реваз гигиниешвили.jpg
Revaz Gigineishvili

Director, screenwriter, producer. Born in 1982 in Tbilisi. Graduated from VGIK with a degree in directing (2005, Marlen Khutsiev's workshop). Got his start in the industry as second-unit director on Fedor Bondarchuk's 9th Company. In 2006, Gigineishvili made his debut feature ZHARA, which ended up among that year's top grossers in Russia. Worked as second-unit director on Bondarchuk's Dark Planet (2008) and Dark Planet. Rebellion (2009). Directed over 150 music videos and ads; produced a slew of TV shows. Other directing credits include: 9 Months (2006, TV); Love With an Accent (2012); The Last of the Magikyans (2013-2015, TV); No Boundaries (2015); About Love (2017, a segment).

Director of Hostages.

автандил махарадзе.jpg
Avtandil Makharadze

Born and raised on the Black Sea, in the city of Batumi. Graduated from the Shota Rustaveli Tbilisi Institute of Theatre Arts in 1965 with a degree in acting. Afterwards became a member of the Shota Rustaveli Theatre company.

Awards: the Chicago Film Festival Silver Hugo for Best Actor in 1987 (Repentance); Nika for the same role; Best Actor Prize at the Golden Eagle IFF (Tbilisi) for Outside.

Actor, Hostages.

борис хлебников.jpg
Boris Khlebnikov

Director, screenwriter. Winner of numerous awards both in Russia and abroad. Born in 1972. Started school as a biology major, yet graduated from VGIK with a degree in film studies (1997). His debut feature Roads to Koktebel, co-directed with Aleksey Popogrebskiy, went to receive three awards at the Moscow IFF in 2003 and the Jury Prize at Karlovy Vary. His first independent film, Free Floating, netted him the Best Director trophy at Kinotavr-2006, as well as other professional awards. His subsequent films, such as Help Gone Bad (2009) and Till Night Do Us Part (2012), screened at numerous international festivals, while A Long and Happy Life (2013) secured a competition slot at the Berlinale.

Director of Arrhythmia.

александр яценко.jpg
Aleksandr Yatsenko

Actor. Born in 1977 in Volgograd. Graduated from Derzhavin Tombov State University. Received his second degree in 2004 from the Russian University of Theatre Arts, where he worked under Mark Zakharov's supervision.

Actor, Arrhythmia.

Pavlina Angelova


Actress, Glory.

фернандо соколович.jpg
Fernando Sokolowicz

Argentinean producer. Has amassed over 26 producing credits since 1992.

Producer, The Distinguished Citizen.

Kim Soon-Mo


Producer, The Net.

Жан-Стефан Совер
Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire

French director, producer, and screenwriter.

Director, A Prayer Before Dawn.

оксана бычкова
Oksana Bychkova

Director, screenwriter. Born in Donetsk, Ukraine; raised in Sakhalin. Graduated from the Rostov State University in 1995 with a degree in journalism. Worked as a journalist on the radio. In 2000, Bychkova enrolled in Higher Courses for Screenwriters and Directors (Petr Todorovsky's workshop). Her directorial and screenwriting debut Piter FM (2006) was awarded a prize at the Window On Europe Festival, and received Nika and Golden Eagle nominations. Her follow-up, Plus One (2008), won the Best Actor Prize at Kinotavr-2008, as well as top honors at the Vyborg Film Festival.

Director of Daddy's Steamboat.

Mikhail Alekseevskiy

PhD in Philology; director of the Urban Anthropology Center "Strelka."

Curator of the architectural workshop "DIY: Mythology of the City"

антон долин.jpg
Anton Dolin

Russian journalist, film critic, radio host for Mayak and Vesti FM, film commentator for the late-night talk show Evening Urgant. Editor-in-chief of the Iskusstvo Kino magazine. PhD in Philology.

Public talk "How to Watch Movies".

Yuliya Levitskaya

Production designer. Founder and director of the production design company Born in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Designed sets for Kazakh director Emir Baygazin's Harmony Lessons, which was awarded the Berlinale Silver Bear for Outstanding Artistic Contribution.

Curator of the "European/Asian" workshop.

Eldar Shibanov

Production designer, director, sales manager at the production design company

Tutor for the "European/Asian" workshop.

елена ванина.jpg
Elena Vanina

As a staff writer, Vanina has worked for such magazines as Afisha, Big City, Esquire, GQ, and Port. Deputy editor-in-chief of Afisha. Screenwriter since 2012 (co-wrote such TV shows as Tomorrow, Quest, and Londongrad).

Curator of the Children's Cinelab.

рашель землинская.jpg
Rachel Zemlinskaya

Photo editor for

Tutor for the "City Guide" workshop.

максим семеляк.jpg
Maksim Semelyak

Editor, prominent music critic. Has authored two books on the Russian rock band Leningrad, Music for Real Men: The History of Leningrad and Leningrad: The Band's Incredible True Story.

Curator of the "City Guide" workshop.

геннадий йозефавичус.jpg
Gennady Yozefavichus

A leading Russian journalist, film promoter, and traveler.

Tutor for the "City Guide" workshop.

Kirill Preobrazhenskiy

Artist. Works mostly with video. Between 1990 and 1993, collaborated with the Van Gogh TV and Pirate TV collectives. Teaches at the Rodchenko Art School in Moscow (video art department). Hosts art shows at his own apartment-turned-gallery. Co-founder and idea man for the Vidiot video journal. In 2009, Preobrazhenskiy served as producer and artistic director on the experimental video-film Samodelkin's Journey.

Tutor for the "City Guide" workshop .

филипп дзядко.jpg
Filipp Dzyadko

Russian journalist, editor-in-chief of the Arzamas educational project, former editor-in-chief of the Big City magazine, special project director for the New Times magazine, host of his own TV show Dzyadko3 (Dozhd TV Channel).

Curator of the "Big Story" workshop.

Anastasia Terekhova


Tutor for the "Big Story" workshop .

олег коронный.jpg
Oleg Koronnyi

Editorial director of the education project Former host of the TV show "Oh No, Anything But This!"

Tutor for the "Big Story" workshop.

Yevgeni Grishkovetz

Director, playwright, writer, actor, musician. Born in 1967 in Kemerovo. Majored in philology at the Kemerovo State University. His first one-man show How I Ate a Dog was produced in 1998. His debut novel A Shirt came out in 2004 and was long-listed for the Booker Prize. Recipient of numerous awards: Antibooker (1999), Golden Mask (2000, Best Innovator and The Critics Prize), Triumph (2002). Was nominated for a Nika as Best Supporting Actor for The Stroll (2003).

The show "+1". Master class "How to Tell a Story"

александр хант.jpg
Aleksandr Hant

Director. Born in 1985 in Khanty-Mansiysk. Graduated with a degree in cinematography from Saint Petersburg State University of Film and Television (worked under Rozovskiy and Astakhov), and with a degree in directing from VGIK (worked under Shakhnazarov and Shukher). His shorts "At the Opera" (2011) and "Supper" (2012) received awards at student film festivals. How Vitka Chesnok Took Lyokha Shtyr to the Nursing Home is Hant's debut feature.

Director of How Vitka Chesnok Took Lyokha Shtyr to the Nursing Home.

Olga Ozollapinya

Actress. Born in 1986 in Riga. Graduated with a degree in directing from The Russian University of Theatre Arts (Zhenovich's workshop); has been hired by the Theatre Art Studio company.

Actress, How Vitka Chesnok Took Lyokha Shtyr to the Nursing Home.

DJ Shum

DJ. Founder of the Independent Musician Association VDOH; organizes the eponymous annual festival. Has discovered such big-ticket bands as 5NIZZA, LЮК, and Optimistica Orchestra.

Festival DJ.


Music trio with a distinctive style that blends a cappella with beat-boxing. The band performs originals as well as covers of international hits.

Closing ceremony guests.