Competition "Shift"

Camera, action!

Call for applications to participate in the action video contest «Shift» has been launched.

There is another competition held as a part of «On the Edge» film festival besides official selection and additional programs — it is an action video contest.

These days everybody can shoot his own video. There are videos made for our near and dear ones, and there are other videos made for public. The latter include numerous online videos about travels, wild nature, underwater filming, ski slopes shot from the first-person point of view or extreme sportsmen shot from third parties.

Such video clips often become calling-cards of different regions. Their views in the Internet sometimes exceed dozens of thousands. The personal example of an author who overcame himself or herself: reached out, flew up, swam far beyond — gives the incentive for the viewers to become active today and to pursue their goals. Besides, a viral video can start a distinct tourist trail in the region, where the video was filmed.

«The Shift» aims at gathering and appraising the best video clips shot in the Russian Far East. Now, when we talk so much about the attractiveness of this region, it is high time to show everyone why it is so attractive.

For participating, please, send an application marked up: «Shift», before August 15 at: «European-Asian» workshop, 155, Sakhalinskaya Street, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Shakhalin region 693005 or