Rules And Regulations

Of the Sakhalin International Film Festival

The name of the Festival:
Sakhalin International Film Festival «On the Edge»
Location: Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
Time: Annually
Official site:

1. Goal of the Film Festival

Achievement, through means of cinema, of the lofty aims of humanist values, peace and friendship among the peoples; creation in the Sakhalin region of favorable environment for the cross-fertilization of cultures.

2. Objectives of the Film Festival

2.1. Development of cinematic traditions in the Sakhalin region as popular constituent of artistic culture.
2.2. Creation, for inhabitants and guests of the Sakhalin region, of environment conducive to the acquaintance with the best works of Russian and world cinema.
2.3. Strengthening of international ties in the sphere of culture.
2.4. Discovery of new names and creative support of amateur filmmakers.

3. Festival Organization

3.1. The Film Festival (hereafter — Festival) is held under the patronage of the Governor of the Sakhalin region.
3.2. The Festival is established by the Ministry of Culture of the Sakhalin region.
3.3. Contractor и General Management of the Festival is the State Autonomous Institution of Culture «Sakhalin Film and Leisure Association»
3.4. The Organizing Committee of the Festival is entrusted with dealing with the Festival’s organization.
3.5. The Artistic Council of the Festival is entrusted with the establishment of the Festival’s concept and its implementation.
3.6. The Festival includes a competition and an out-of-competition programs.
3.7. Competition and out-of-competition films are selected and invited by the Program Direction of the Festival, which includes the Program director of the festival and programs’ curators. The films are selected in accordance with the Festival’s concept established by the Artistic Council. In cases of dispute the decision is taken by the Artistic Council.
3.8. The competition program includes Russian and foreign full-length fiction films; in special occasions (determined by the Artistic Council) full-length documentary films can also be included in the competition.
3.9. The out-of-competition program presents to the viewers the best examples of Russian and international fiction, documentary, and animated cinema; retrospectives and theme-based programs; films made by inhabitants of the Sakhalin region and connected to the history and culture of Sakhalin. Roundtables, meetings with viewers, workshops, «evening with...» events, exhibitions, and other events that correspond to the aims and objectives of the Festival are also held as part of the Festival.

4. Eligibility and Participation Requirements

4.1. The Festival accepts films submitted by film companies, independent producers, and distributors who are their copyright holders.
4.2. The Festival’s competition program accepts full-length fiction (in special cases — documentary) films:
— that correspond to the Festival’s concept and promote its aims and objectives;
— released theatrically no earlier than a year before the Festival is held;
— that have not been publicly screened before on the territory of the Sakhalin Region.
4.3. World, international, and Russian premieres are preferred for the competition programs, but the premiere status is not required.
4.4. Each film participating in the Competition program of the Festival should be personally presented at the Festival screening by its director, actor, producer, or another member of the cast and crew.
4.5. Out-of-competition program of the Festival can include any film that corresponds to the Festival’s conception, promotes is goals and objectives, regardless of the year, country of production, genre and type.
4.6. Screening copies of the films with the soundtrack in Russian or any other language except English should have English subtitles; this is obligatory for films in the competition program and is preferable for films in the out-of-competition program of the Festival.
4.7. All competition films (except films in Russian) are screened with Russian subtitles. All out-of-competition films (except films in Russian) are screened with Russian subtitles or simultaneous translation into Russian.
4.8. A film’s director, producer, or distributor as well as any other copyright holder can submit their films for the participation in the Festival (contact information of the Program Direction is listed on the Festival’s website) no later than July 1. The Program Direction examines all submissions and informs of its decision no later than August 1. In cases of dispute the decision about the film’s participation in the Festival is taken by the Artistic Council.
4.9. The list of films selected for the Festival’s competition program is published on the Festival’s website on August 1.
4.10. Screening copies of the films selected for the Festival should be delivered to General Management no later than ten days prior to the start of the Festival.
4.11. Detailed technical requirements are sent to authors and copyright holders of selected films individually.

5. Organizing Committee

5.1. Members of the Organizing Committee are approved by the decree of the Governor of the Sakhalin region.
5.2. Organizing Committee is headed by the Governor of the Sakhalin region.
5.3. Organizing Committee guarantees the high level of the Festival’s organization, facilitates cooperation of the government agencies of the Sakhalin region, local agencies, federal government agencies, local government bodies of the Sakhalin region’s municipalities as well as various organizations, required for the organization and execution of the Festival.

6. Artistic Council

6.1. Members of the Artistic Council are approved by the Festival’s establisher.
6.2. Artistic Council:
— establishes the concept of the Festival and the main directions of its development;
— oversees the Festival’s organization and work;
— approves the jury composed of notable figures of Russian and world cinema who have agreed to participate in the Festival;
— approves the Festival program;
— approves the list of guests;
— retains the right to invite quests regardless of their direct involvement in the creation of films participating in the Festival;
— has the right to invite as guests of the Festival outstanding figures of culture, cinema, and pop music as well as representatives of business and political elites;
— estabishes special prizes and the amount of monetary awards attached to them;
— resolves other issues.

7. Festival Contractor

7.1. Covers expenses involved in the organization and execution of the Festival, including:
— transportation costs, film storage and insurance expenses of screening copies during the Festival;
— accommodation of jury members and honorary guests of the Festival in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk for the duration of the Festival, including travelling costs.

8. Festival Jury

8.1. Competition films are judged by a jury composed of the leading Russian and international cultural figures;
8.2. If the number of jury members is even, the Head of the jury has 2 (two) votes;
8.3. Persons connected with the production or commercial distribution of a film in competition are not allowed to serve for the corresponding Jury;
8.4. All jury members are obligated to refrain from publicly discussing competition films until the closing of the Festival;
8.5. The Main prize of the Festival for best film and the prize of best directing cannot be awarded to the same film.

9. Festival Participants

9.1. Participation of films in the Festival’s competition program requires obligatory presence at the Festival of the film’s representatives.
9.2. Participation in the Festival means agreement to all the articles of these Rules and Regulations.

10. Prizes

10.1. The Jury of the Festival awards prizes to the competition program participants in the following categories:
— Grand Prix of the Festival for Best Film;
— Best Director;
— Best Actor;
— Best Actress;
— Special Jury prize (awarded in accordance with the Jury’s decision);
10.2. Competition program participants are also awarded with special prizes in the following categories:
— Prize of the Honorary President of the Festival;
— Audience Award.
10.3. The prize money are paid to the winner’s bank account (the sum of the award is subject to personal income tax according to the tax laws of the Russian Federation).
10.4. The awards ceremony requires personal presence of the Festival’s winner.

11. Financing of the Event

11.1. The Festival is financed from the region’s budget as part of the state program «Development of the sphere of culture in the Sakhalin region» for the years 2014–2020, approved by the decree of the Government of the Sakhalin region № 394 dated July 31, 2013; from other sources, as well as from sponsors’ funds.
11.2. Any organization that upholds the Festival’s aims and objectives and that takes part in its financing can be a sponsor of the Festival.

12. Contact Information

All mail and shipments for the organizers of the Festival can be directed at: Russia, Sakhalin Region, 693005, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, ulitsa Sakhalinskaya 155. Telephone/Fax 8(4242)772275, e-mail: