“The DOKer” - On the Edge Film Festival

“The DOKer” - On the Edge Film Festival August 7, 2016

VI Sakhalin International Film Festival On the Edge suggests seeing the world through the eyes of talented documentarians from a dozen of countries, as well as feeling universal human emotions and thinking over universal human thoughts. One of the out-of-competition programs of the Festival is documentary film program called «The DOKer».

The DOKer includes 5 showings, each of them presenting films shot in the different points on our planet, so called «edges of the world», as the concept of the Festival requires, including New Zealand, China, Republic of Korea, Netherlands, Canada.

The following films are to be shown: Oriental Odyssey (directed by S. Kaas, Netherlands/Republic of Korea), The Ground We Won (by K. Pryor, New Zealand), Land of Many Palaces (by S. Ting and А. Smith, China). Latvia will be represented by I. Kolmane (Ruch and Norie), Canada — by A. Shin (My Enemy, My Brother), Russia — by V. Golovnev (Two Childhoods) and M. Murashova (Gatherers of Sea Grass).

The films, which will be presented by the program curator and the DOKer Festival producer Irina Shatalova, are mostly the DOKer-2016 award winners.

Andrey Konchalovsky once said: «Documentary films are for those who can read...»

The non-fiction film showing project The DOKer was launched in 2011 by a like-minded group in order to promote modern auteur documentary films in Moscow and other Russian cities. The Festival focuses on indie documentary films from all over the world in all of their aspects: from poetic film narration to social block-busters, from news films to mockumentary, from art-house to popular-science films, from classical to experimental and alternate forms. In the phrase «Documentary Film» the word «Film» should not lose its original meaning. However, documentary films of all others can reveal the human nature in such a way that cannot be done by any other artistic means. A camera stops the time, but a person keeps moving. By capturing the present, a film turns into the past for some people or creates future for the others.

The legendary director Werner Herzog says: " Filmmaking must have experience of life at its foundation. A lot of what you see in my films isn’t invention; it’s very much life itself, my own life. Read Conrad or Hemingway and you can tell how much real life is in those books. They are exactly the persons to make great films, though thank God they were born to become writers«.

According to Chulpan Khamatova, any festival of The DOKer format is essential for the audience. «Narration in documentary films is more than just an artistic declaration. The director should be non-prejudicial and argumentative. Documentaries aim at reconsidering the existing point of view on a particular problem, resulting in a profound and honest dialogue».

The program forming and preparing is still in progress.

Recall that VI Sakhalin International Film Festival On the Edge is to be held from September 9 to September 17, 2016.

The Festival is organized under the patronage of the Sakhalin Governor.

Established by the Sakhalin region Ministry of Culture and Archiving.

Festival official site http://sakhalinfilmfestival.ru/

Official FB group https://www.facebook.com/sakhalinfilmfestival/

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