Open Call Announcement from the Festival Newspaper

Open Call Announcement from the Festival Newspaper August 14, 2018

On the Edge Journalism Workshop: Anyone Can be the Author of the Festival Newspaper.

Last year, On the Edge Festival hosted the "Big History" journalism workshop by Filipp Dzyadko, Editor-in-chief of the educational portal Arzamas. During the workshop, the Sakhalin people worked on the creation of the Sakhalin Wikipedia and built the Museum of Oneself. The final result of these activities was a large part of the "Sakhalin. Autobiography" exhibition, which was held in March 2018 in the Chekhov Literary and Art Museum.

This year, anyone interested in journalism and Festival life will have the opportunity to implement their aspirations. Following the main trend of the Festival aimed at integrating the residents of the Sakhalin region into the process of creating a unique quality cultural product, the Festival newspaper On the Edge announces an Open Call.

The traditional daily newspaper On the Edge is dedicated to the events of the Festival and will be published every day — from August 24 to August 31, 2018. Each issue will have interviews with curators and guests of the Festival, reports from workshops and other events, critics’ reviews and viewers' opinions. This year, the newspaper decided to eliminate the distance between itself and its readers, so we call to the audience of the Sakhalin Festival:

In the modern world there are no more such concepts as "city" and "village", there are no priorities set by the circumstances of life — the Internet has given us equal access to many things. We want Sakhalin to be not just the reader, but also the author of our newspaper, so that the pages could speak about the experience of everyday life on the island, the content of which, seems to us, is not so fundamentally different from the experience of life in other regions of Russia and in other countries around the world.

We are announcing an Open Call for ideas and materials. If you write, draw, take photos or explore Sakhalin, you should write to the editor-in-chief of the newspaper at Send us a letter with a short story about yourself, your interests and what you would like to share with our readers. Please use the words “map of the festival” in the subject line of the letter. You are welcome to join the preliminary meeting of the extended edition of On the Edge newspaper and become a part of it! During this meeting we will explain what we are do, and we hope to hear about what is interesting to you, so that this year we can make the newspaper together.

We will send the time and location in a response to your letter.

Hope to see you!

Yours faithfully,

On the Edge

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