Pitching Longlist Announced

Pitching Longlist Announced August 2, 2018

On August 26th, 2018, the Chekhov Book Museum will host the first round of a pitching session whose winners will be then recommended by a committee of film experts for local-government funding.

First-round selections:

1. Agienko, Daria — Why You? Why Me?
2. Asaulenko, Sergei — Running on the Edge
3. Bakirov, Nail — Chekhov and I
4. Bikassi, Mess — A Myth, The Shore
5. Bikassi, Mess and Kristina Koroleva — Petr Volkov
6. Velikoredchanin, Sergei — Where the Sun is Born
7. Gaponov, Sergei — My Sakhalin Island, Feeding the Sea Spirit Master
8. Zarchikov, Aleksandr — Revisiting Chekhov, Bushido and the Holy Ghost, The 1905 Russo-Japanese War in Sakhalin
9. Zarchikov, Aleksandr and Ksenofontova, Ekaterina — A Slant
10. Zakharov, Aleksi (Selyuta), Elena Namakonova, Inna Zakharova — On the Magnificent Rain, Ubyr
11. Ilyin, Ivan — The Rocks Behind the Black River
12. Kim Igor — The Prodigal Son
13. Kim Soo-Yeon — Simple Little Things, A Volcano and a Fish
14. Kuzovov, Sergei — Hard Labor Legends
15. Ksenofontova, Ekaterina — The Park, Freedom 
16. Kulmendeev, Taalaibek — Spotted Dog Running Along the Seashore
17. Nikonov, Nikolai — Sakhalin: Village Vizag
18. Rashova, Maria — Vasya Speaks English
19. Skorobogatov, Pavel — The Siberian Ark 
20. Skorobogatova, Elizaveta — A Simple Story 
21. Chernetskyi, Stepan — The Abandoned One

The winners will be picked by a committee of experts, behind closed doors, and announced to the media on August 27th, 2018. In addition, the minutes of their deliberations will be made public.

On August 27th, those selected for the second round will be invited to individual interviews with the committee members. Time and place will be sent in personal emails.

The contest is curated by Elena Slatina, kinofond.siff@gmail.com

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