The Festival Cluster to be Built “On the Edge”

The Festival Cluster to be Built “On the Edge” April 18, 2017

The festival cluster will be built once again in the square in front of the Government House. As usual, the Chekhov Center will be flanked by two tents, with the information tent positioned to the left, where visitors will be able to learn the festival schedule, buy tickets (both the day-of and in advance), or pick up the latest issue of the festival newspaper. The tent will also house a cafe and a subsidiary of the Saint-Petersburg-based bookstore Poryadok Slov, boasting a fine spread of the best and rarest books on cinema, theater, and art. To the right from the main entrance will be the Q&A tent, where audiences will be able to talk to the filmmakers in person after screenings.

Across the street from the Chekhov Center there'll be built a summer theater that seats 600 people. Two tents intended specifically for children's workshops will be erected in the square as well. One of them will host a special subdivision of Poryadok Slov offering books from the best children's publishing houses in Russia.

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