Jury of On the Edge 2018 Film Festival Announced

Jury of On the Edge 2018 Film Festival Announced July 19, 2018

The jury of the 8th International Film Festival On the Edge that will take place in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk on 24–31 August 2018 has been announced.

Award-winning Iranian director Tahmineh Milani will be Head of the Jury of the 8th Sakhalin International Film Festival On the Edge competition program. Milani's work has received prizes at many prestigious international film festivals, among them the oldest film festival in the region, the Asia-Pacific Film Festival, as well as the Geneva and Cairo film festivals. Milani is one of the few women directors in Iran to gain recognition. Unlike many of her male colleagues, she continues to live and work in Tehran, where she often becomes subject to criticism from the conservative circles of Iranian society. In 2001, while working of her film The Hidden Half, Milani was imprisoned and her film was declared anti-revolutionary. She was released from prison two weeks after, following a strong public backlash. In her films, which Milani has been making since 1989, she talks openly about the inequality and discrimination against women in the Iranian society.

On the jury of the 8th Sakhalin International Film Festival On the Edge, Tahmiheh Milani will be joined by South Korean screenwriter Oh Jung-Mi. Jung-Mi's most important work to date is Lee Chang-dong's film Burning. Adapted from Haruki Murakami's short story Barn Burning, Burning became of the major revelations of the Cannes Film Festival this year. The informal leader of the competition program, Burning was surprisingly not selected for any awards by the main jury, but the film did get the critics' award – the FIPRESCI prize. In Sakhalin, the audience will be able to see and appreciate the film as part of the out of competition program.

Russia will be represented on the jury of the 8th Sakhalin International Film Festival On the Edge by actress and TV personality Maria Shukshina and film directors Alexei German Jr. and Alexei Popogrebsky.

Alexei German Jr.'s films have received numerous awards at the Venice film festival as well as the Berlinale. This past winter, German's Dovlatov was awarded The Silver Bear for Outstanding Artistic Contribution for costume and production design. The recipient of this award, art director Elena Okopnaya will join Alexei German Jr. at "On the Edge" this year.

Alexei Popogrebsky has also participated in the competition programs of high-profile international film festival with his films, and this year he was Head of the Jury of the main competition program at Kinotavr, the most important festival of Russian film. Popogrebsky co-authored Roads to Koktebel (2003), his first feature film, with Boris Khlebnikov, whose Arrhythmia got the Grand Prix at On the Edge last year and who is well familiar to the Sakhalin audience. Alexei Popogrebsky's film How I ended this summer (2010) got three prizes at the Berlinale: Sergei Puskepalis and Grigori Dobrygin were both awarded the Best Actor prize and Pavel Kostomarov, the film's Director of Photography, received the Prize for Outstanding Artistic Achievement, so strong was the impression this film had made on the Berlinale's Head of the Jury Werner Herzog.

Maria Shukshina is a Russian actress and TV personality, the eldest daughter of famed writer, director and actor Vasily Shukshin and actress Lidia Fedoseeva-Shukshina. Maria started acting at a young age, one of her first performances being in Vasily Shukshin's classic Happy Go Lucky. In 2010 Shukshina was awarded the Russian Film Academy's Nika prize for Best Supporting Actress in Sergei Snezhkin's Bury Me Behind the Baseboard. For 15 years between 1999 and 2014 Maria was the host at Wait for Me, a popular TV show on Russia's Channel One.


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