"On the Edge" announced its workshops and talks

"On the Edge" announced its workshops and talks June 27, 2017

In addition to its six workshops aimed at both children and adults, the festival, as is the custom, will host a few Q&A sessions and master classes with acclaimed filmmakers.

Film critic Anton Dolin and On the Edge Programme Director Alexey Medvedev will tell the festival audiences if there is a «right» way to watch movies and if there is, how it is to be done. Writer and actor Yevgeni Grishkovetz will give a lesson on storytelling; director Marina Razbezhkina, this year’s President of the Jury, will explain how to overcome the fear of making your own movie; and Yakut producer Marianna Skrybykina will share her insights into the production and distribution of no-budget films.

Marina Razbezhkina, «Filming Fearlessly: Here and Now»
Master Class
Marina Razbezhkina, filmmaker, founder of the Documentary Film and Theatre School, President of the Jury for the 7th On the Edge Film Festival: «Documentary filmmaking is the best thing I know in the whole world. It’s wonderful in that it’s always around us; its characters live next door, ready to reveal great depths on film much to our own surprise. Documentarians are people who know how to be surprised. What matters to a documentary filmmaker is sustained interest in life, while bringing images into focus and editing is something anyone can learn. In this master class, we’ll talk about choosing characters for your film, fighting their reluctance to have their lives filmed, and what a screenplay for a documentary may look like.»

Anton Dolin and Alexey Medvedev, «Learning to Watch Movies and Whether or Not We Should.»
Public talk
Most people tend to think that watching movies is easy and even a child can do it. Is it so, though? Can one learn to watch movies? Should one? And how can we save ourselves the disappointment? All these questions will be addressed by Anton Dolin and Alexey Medvedev at a public talk to be held as part of the Sakhalin Film Festival. Adducing concrete evidence, some pointed recommendations and thoughtful advice will be given by people who watch a lot of movies for a living.

Marianna Skrybykina, «Yakutia: Experience of Growth»
Master class
How did successful Yakut cinema come into existence, and what’s its secret? Marianna Skrybykina, founder and CEO of the leading Yakut ART Doydu film company, will conduct a master class/seminar for aspiring filmmakers. Among other things, she’ll talk about her company’s latest project, Kostas Marsan’s My Killer, a local blockbuster that was subsequently released in Russia and some former Soviet republics.

Yevgeni Grishkovetz, «How To Tell a Story»
Master class
How do you turn storytelling into an art form? Writer and actor Yevgeni Grishkovetz will present his methods of universalizing biographical data and explain how your own life-story can be made into a work of art in any genre.

On the Edge Film Festival is scheduled to take place in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk from August 25th to September 1st, 2017.

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