Public Program Announced for On the Edge

Public Program Announced for On the Edge August 18, 2015

The public program of the «On the Edge» Film Festival consists of three workshops, a number of lectures, master classes, upcoming project presentations, music and theater performances.

Interweaving the many lines along which the festival advances and develops, the public program will open on Aug 22nd with an exhibition entitled «I’m Here Because» and hosted by The Chekhov Literary Museum. As it gives voice to the locals’ first-person narratives captured on film, this modern iteration of the Sakhalin census finds itself in dialogue with another key event of the program——a public pitching session scheduled for Aug 25th. A group of aspiring filmmakers from the area, most of them alumni of the European-Asian workshop, will be given an opportunity to showcase their stories as yet untold. Nearing its first milestone, the fifth edition of «On the Edge» is proud to harvest and store up any ideas that might help to institute a regional film foundation: after all, to encourage, in a variety of ways, local filmmaking endeavors is one of their top priorities. Ahead of the pitching session, the festival’s director Alexei Medvedev will give a talk on film foundations in general and how they function abroad.

The highlight of the educational section is Jury President Mohsen Makhmalbaf’s master class to be held on Aug 23rd, at 3 pm at the Q&A tent, following the Chekhov Theater screenings of «The Lodger» and «Dad’s School».

«It should be borne in mind that Makhmalbaf is not only a dignitary of both Iranian and world cinema — he’s a prominent educator as well. Besides making talented filmmakers out of his own family members, he has also mentored students from all over the world. This side of his life is explored in the documentary „Dad’s School“ playing at the festival,» says Medvedev.

A series of master classes will be delivered by filmmakers Leo Gabriadze and Nigina Saifullaeva. Though geared first and foremost towards the participants of the Artphone workshop on «mobile cinema,» the lectures by these industry professionals will be free and open to the public. Also included in the workshop is a lecture by Maria Kuvshinova, film critic and deputy editor-in-chief for the Seance magazine, entitled «Cinema as Visual Code» after her eponymous book (currently longlisted for the Prosvetitel Award). The volume, available now from the Seance Publishing House, will be presented to the Sakhalin film buffs at a moveable bookstore installed by the «Word Order» project. Based in Saint Petersburg, the «Word Order» crew is back at «On the Edge» for a second consecutive year with choice writings on film, theater, architecture, visual arts, and contemporary philosophy.

Another open lecture, «Director as Photographer,» will be given by Vasiliy Koretsky, film critic and editor for, as part of the «Photographics» workshop. On Aug 27th, the «Do It Yourself» workshop will deliver its closing remarks to the general public in the Gagarin Park festival tent. On Aug 28th, the last day of the festival, the «Artphone» workshop’s closing remarks will be made in the Square tent.

Last but not least, Yevgeny Grishkovetz’s most recent play «Whisper of the Heart» will have its Sakhalin premiere late at night on Aug 24th, while a show by the «Tatiana» Band, commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the end of WWII, will follow the free screening of Alexei German’s masterpiece «Twenty Days Without» War on Aug 27th.

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