On the Edge Announces Pitching Longlist

On the Edge Announces Pitching Longlist August 11, 2015

Here are the projects longlisted for a pitching session hosted by On the Edge Film Festival:

1. № 20, documentary
The Whales of the Piltun Lagoon
A film about the gray whales and people who live off them.
30-40 min.
By Sergei Shumin

2. № 12, fiction
Mom, I’m Home
Daughter tries to shield her fanatical mother from a duplicitous cult.
20-30 min.
By Kim Song Chang (Igor)

3. № 4, fiction
An elderly recluse nicknamed Weirdo steals papers from his neighbors’ mailboxes.
30-40 min.
By Elena Opryshko

4. № 8, fiction
A man gets a chance to redress his past mistakes and wipe the slate clean, except this time around as an insect.
10 min.
By Vladimir Ilyin

5. № 23, fiction
Step Forward
While on an excursion to the Devil’s Bridge, the main character is haunted by visions of time travel.
15 min.
By Anton Kuznetsov

6. № 31, fiction
Changing Diapers, Plotting Invasions
Comedy. A rank-and-file amusement park employee teaches a class for housewives who are afraid of time travel.
40–50 min.
By Yuri Mishulin and Andrei Kramarov

7. № 34, fiction
A Summer Day
A young house painter falls in love with a Japanese tourist in town for just one day, tricks her into hiring him as a guide, and then dies fighting for her with local thugs.
15 min.
By Eldar Shibanov

8. № 6, documentary
Unknown Chekhov
The city named after Chekhov, though the writer never even visited there, is nonetheless full of its own literary characters.
By Svetlana Gileva

9. № 5, documentary
The Salmon Lullaby
The characters set out on a journey to find where the salmon are born.
60 min.
By Alexander Zarchikov

10. № 27, fiction
No Fish
Two friends find a strange creature beached by the sea.
30 min.
By Dmitry Moiseev

A pitch is a presentation of a film project aimed at potential investors. One presentation should not take more than five minutes; another five minutes is budgeted for questions and discussion. The dates and order of presentations are TBA. The jury will select three winners out of the projects presented.

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