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Only 12 days left to submit your application to the film project competition

July 21, 2015

Less than two weeks are left until the deadline to submit your proposal for the creation of short-length feature and documentary films. The last day to submit your entry is August 1, 2015.

Сахалинский кинофестиваль

Alexei Medvedev, Program director of “On the Edge”:

“Our festival is designed not only to bring films from around the world to Sakhalin but also to open new ways for the Sakhalin professionals and amateurs. In this, the project competition, the pitching, is only the first step. If there is financial support, Sakhalin will get new opportunities to create short-length fiction and documentary cinema. And that means that life will become more interesting and the words about the center of culture at the edge of the world will stop being simply a metaphor or a wish.”

Pitching (from the English “to pitch”: to attempt to promote or sell) is a presentation of a film project in order to find investors for it. The presentation lasts no more than 5 minutes. Another 5 minutes are devoted to questions and discussion of the project after the presentation. The specific details of the pitching and its date will be announced later. The authors whose proposals will be selected by the expert jury to form a long list will take part in the pitching during the festival.

After the pitching, the jury will select three winners. Any inhabitant of Sakhalin can participate in the competition, regardless of their permanent place of living and work as long as they submit their complete proposal before August 1, 2015. One author can submit several proposals.

To take part in the pitching you need to send the following documents before August 1, 2015 to pitching2015@mail.ru:

A script proposal/synopsis of a fiction film (up to 3 pages 1800 characters each). Any topic and genre is accepted and connection to the history and culture of Sakhalin is encouraged. Attention! You need to be able to present the full script if required later.
  • A pitching participant application form. Use the following link to download the form: https://yadi.sk/i/2vzoHFlzhaPes

The subject of your email should be “The pitching of “On the Edge”. An individual email should only contain one project.

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