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One of the out-of-selection programs of the “World’s end” film festival , called “Islands”, has been revealed

One of the out-of-selection programs of the “World’s end” film festival , called “Islands”, has been revealed July 1, 2016

The «Islands» program will be shown as a part of the «World’s end» Sakhalin International Film Festival. The program was organized in cooperation with Lenfilm studio and includes seven motion pictures produced in various countries within various periods.

The storylines of all these films take place in an island or islands.

One of the first Eldar Ryazanov’s (1927 — 2015) films, a film made in cooperation with Vasiliy Katanyan (1924 — 1999), who later came to be known as a famous documentarian, was a relatively unknown Sakhalin Island non-fiction film (1954). It was shown within a short film program of the Cannes festival in 1955, and is believed to affect substantially the future of the soviet fiction film-making maitre.

Another film, The Naked Island, made six years later not far from Sakhalin by Kaneto Shindo(1912 — 2012) , is a full length black-and-white fiction film depicting struggling life of native inhabitants of a Seto Inland Sea island, and it is really illustrative of this exuberant Japanese film maker. In 1961 this film was awarded the Grand Prix of the 2nd Moscow International Film Festival (along with Clear Skies by Grigory Chukhrai).

Hard work and hard everyday life are well known to Nivkhs, another small indigenous ethnic group of this part of the world, native inhabitants of Sakhalin, Amur region and Japan, the main characters of Karen Gevorkyan’s (1941) film Spotted Dog Running On Seashore (1990), based on an eponymous book by Chinghiz Aitmatov.

The theme of struggling with nature, giving food, but able to take one’s life; motifs of heroism and self-denial which are sometimes necessary in suchcircumstances, also mark Summer Trip to the Sea film by Semyon Aranovich (1934 — 1996), telling us about school students’ expedition to Novaya Zemlya. The most talented film-makers of that time worked on this Lenfilm’s picture: screen-writer Yury Klepikov, composer Oleg Karavaichuk, cameraman Vladimir Ilyin and others.

Bright acting by Pyotr Mamonov, Victor Sukhorukov and Viktoria Isakova marks a religious and mystical drama Island (2006) by Pavel Lungin (1949), which took a number of prizes and awards in the leading Russian film festivals.

Faro Island, the famous place of residence of Ingmar Bergman and place of action for his masterpieces Persona, The Passion of Anna, Through a Glass Darkly, attracts the researchers of this great Swedish director’s life and work. In a film-interview Bergman and Faro Island (2004) by a news reporter Mari Nirerod (1955) Bergman told us about his childhood for the last time.

Olga Agrafenina (Lenfilm studio) is the supervisor of «Islands» program.

Among other declared out-of-selection programs of the festival there will be presented a retrospective show of documentary films by a German documentarian and researcher Harun Farocki and by an Italian director Mimmo Callopresti.

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