"Private Showing. 18+"

"Private Showing. 18+" September 3, 2016

A "Close Showing. 18+" will take place within the program of the VI Sakhalin International Film Festival "On the Edge". The showing will include two films: "Metamorphosis" and "Love Machine".


"Metamorphosis", directed by Sergei Taramaev and Lubov Lvova (Russia, 2015).

This film is about modern young people, who like to be taken under someone's wings and do not like to mature. Moreover, this film is about those who have talent and willpower. The authors of this film were first noticed after their debut movie "Winter Journey". This time the two young directors focused on another topic. They dedicated their motion story to a talented pianist, for whom it was difficult to communicate with his age-mates. He found a soulmate in an eleven-year-old girl, but others do not understand their friendship. "Metamorphosis" starred Egor Koreshkov, known for his roles in "Hipsters", "Now a Kiss!" and TV series "Eighties",
and a young actress Vasilisa Bernaskoni, appearing as an actress for the first time. Starring: Egor Koreshkov, Evgeniy Tkachuk, Vasilisa Bernaskoni, Yulia Aug, Yola Sanko, Denis Shvedov. Egor Koreshkov will present «Metamorphosis» to the Festival «On the Edge».

Машина любви.jpg

"Love Machine", directed by Pavel Ruminov (Russia, 2016).

The first showing of "Love Machine" took place under wraps, as a close showing within the program of the previous Moscow International Film Festival. Pavel Ruminov is not merely the director, screenwriter and producer of the film, but also plays the leading part in it, as he is the main character. The story runs from the first person. Pavel Ruminov, the director, decided to break up with his girlfriend. However, she refused to move out and said their story had not yet ended. A year later, this couple decides to reconstruct this story by making a half-documentary film in a French New Wave style. But Pavel transforms into Jerald – his own alter ego. Jerald has been displeased by what Pavel does for many years, and he has dreamed to make a genuine film, in which "funny and tender sides of sex will be displayed" and "sex itself will become the last refuge of a human soul". The film stuns by its sensitive content, however, unlike other similar pictures, Ruminov managed to compose a perfect cast, and the director himself sees beyond naked bodies, addressing to his audience with a message quite clear to everyone. Natalia Anisimova, who plays the leading role, will present the film.

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