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Special program "Sakhalin footprint" at the "Edge of the World"

Special program "Sakhalin footprint" at the "Edge of the World" August 12, 2016

In the framework of the VI International Festival "Edge of the World" organizers will hold a special program "Sakhalin footprint," which includes short films by Sakhalin directors. This is the first public presentation of these films to the audience.

The program "Sakhalin footprint" will include: "Heartbeat" (Directed by Alexander Lee), "Corset" (Directed by Olga Twilight), "Mom, I'm home" (Directed by Igor Kim).


Alexander Lee is an artist at the Sakhalin International Theater Center named after Anton Chekhov and a student at the film director studio owned by Alla Surikova, President of the festival. The first short film "In the shadow of loneliness," directed by Alexander together with his friends, received the Grand Prix at one of the festivals where Surikova was a member of a jury. It was then when Alla Ilinichna proposed to the young director to undergo a training in Moscow at the Higher Courses for Scriptwriters and Directors. And as a result, Alexander Lee produced the short film "Heartbeat," in which he tells the story of a girl Alice, whose happiness is marred by a heart disease. Her life can be changed with a surgery. But at the day of a long-awaited surgery Alice becomes an eye-witness to a car accident, and sees a child get hit by the car before her eyes. She doesn't hesitate a second before running to the rescue.


Olga Twilight is not new to the film world. She worked as a screenwriter, actor, producer and film director. "Corset" is her third film, where she acted several roles as well. It is a mystery thriller. A country girl applies as an assistant for enigmatic master of corsets and dreams of conquering the capital of the Empire and the high society. But the master turns out not what he claims to be, and we will find out later where the girl will end up with her vainglorious dreams ...

Мам, я дома.jpg

Igor Kim graduated from Institute of Cinema and Performing Arts named after Im Kwon Thek in South Korea, in the city of Busan. After training, he worked in the film crew in one commercial project and produced two short films. After returning to Sakhalin, the director did not give up his favorite purpose. At the premiere show, in the framework of the Sakhalin V International Film Festival "The Edge of the World," he introduced to the island viewers his work called "Gravity" (this is his first film in Russian language). In addition, the project of the young director called "Mom, I'm home" made it to the top three pitching, which was held at the festival. After getting funding, Igor began to make his film. This film is a history of mother-daughter relations. Olga comes to visit her mother at Sakhalin and sees that during her long absence, the mother became active parishioner of one religious sects. The daughter feels committed to isolating her mother from her new affiliation in any way possible.

Sakhalin VI International Film Festival "Edge of the World" will be held from 9th to 17th of September.

The film festival is held under the patronage of the Governor of the Sakhalin Region.

The founder is the Ministry of Culture and Archives of the Sakhalin region.


Official web-site of the festival http://sakhalinfilmfestival.ru/

Official group in FB https://www.facebook.com/sakhalinfilmfestival/


Program Director of the Festival — Alexandra Zhukova.

Chairman of the Organizing Committee — Secretary of the Union of Cinematographers Sergey Novozhilov.

President of the festival — Alla Surikova, film director and People's Artist of Russia.

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