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The Selection for the Sakhalin International Film Festival Was Announced "On the Edge"

The Selection for the Sakhalin International Film Festival Was Announced "On the Edge" August 30, 2016

The selection program of the Sakhalin International Film Festival will include 15 films from 14 countries: Russia, Austria, Germany, Georgia, Israel, Iran, Spain, Tanzania, Croatia, Chile, Sweden, Estonia, South Korea and Japan. Most films will be shown in Russia for the first time.

Also, the selection program will include an international premiere ("Hands of a Mother", Austria/Germany, directed by Florian Eichinger) and aworld premiere("A Dream of the Ape" directed by Rumi Shoazimov). Nine of fifteen films in the selection program are debut.

The authors of each competition film will come to the festival to present their works and discuss them with the audience after showings.

Apart from the main competition, the Sakhalin International Film Festival includes fifteen out-of-selection programs presenting films from 34 countries.

The selection program will be judged by the jury and audience byvoting.


The selection program of the Sakhalin International Film Festival "On the Edge" 2016:


"Aisha" directed by Chande Omar, Tanzania, 2015, Russian premiere

Drama, debut film.

Aisha, an accomplished pharmacologist, returns to her home village to see her younger sister before her oncoming wedding with the village leader's son. Meeting her acquaintances and recollecting the living principles, familiar to her since her childhood, is an attempt to revive the past. However, the past has its dark side of unsolved problems, an ex-boyfriend longs for vengeance and far from everyone is glad to see Aisha. The struggle for justice becomes tougher, when everyone turns a blind eye to what is going on and there is no help within reach.


"A Capella" directed by Hitoshi Yazaki, Japan, 2016, Russian premiere


Sendai, a high school girl student radicalized due to countercultural movements of 1969, takes part in feminist protest actions. When escaping from policemen, she hides in a small cafe Capella, where she meets the Czech College students Wataru and Yunosuke. A casual acquaintance boils over into a tangle of contradictions and uncertainties as to political beliefs and sexual identification. 


"Granny's Dancing on the Table" directed by Hanna Sköld, Sweden, 2015, Russian premiere


Eine is thirteen. She is isolated from the society because of her authoritarian father. The father makes her believe that the world and the people from the outside are evil, and that everything related to adult life is dangerous. Eine is very self-contained and conformable with very little of self-esteem left in her. One day she discovers an exceptional contact with the nature surrounding her, and using this contact and her imagination she creates a whole world to hide in, and in meanwhile, her grandmother is still alive...


"Anna's Life" directed by Nino Basilia, Georgia, 2016, Russian premiere

Drama, debut film.

Anna brings up an autist son by herself and worksseveral jobs. An opportunity emerges for her to leave Georgia for the USA and to find better life, but things go bad. And Anna makes a decision to kidnap a child...

За пределами тоски 2.png

"Beyond the Sorrow", directed by Chang Yu Lim, South Korea, 2016, Russian premiere


The main character, a young man, is back from the army and wants to find a regular job to live a normal life in Korea. However, it is not so easy. He finds a day-wage work first. It seems as if chances are against him, and he tries to find out why. He suddenlyremembers that once he had to give false evidence. And for the first time in his life, without fear of losing self-regard, he comes out to the night city.


"Foreign Body" directed by Christian Werner, Germany, 2015

Drama, debut film

The main character Wolfgang gets a word from his would-be kidney donor that he has to come back to Istanbul, the city he would like to wipe from his memory. The donor and the patient are trying to figure out theescape from this situation and to start a new life.


"Moon In the 12th House" directed by Dorit Hakim, Israel, 2015,Russian premiere

Drama, debut film.                                                                            

A few years after tragic events, two sisters meet again. They will need to overcome the issuethat at some pointbroke their relationship.


"Paradise" directed by Sina Ataeian Dena, Iran/Germany, 2015, Russian premiere

Drama, debut film.

Twenty-five-year-old Hania lives with her sister's family in Tehran. Every day she commutes to uptown, where she works as a teacher in an elementary girls` school. She tries to change the school to work closer to her home, but her papers got stuck due to bureaucratic hurdles. Whipped up by the deadness of her daily life, she starts playing a role and creating a parallel reality. However, in a little while Hania cannot distinguish the real world from imaginary, and she desperately struggles to find her own way in life.


"The Plants" directed by Roberto Doveris, Chile, 2015,Russian premiere

Drama, debut film.

Due to the feeling of responsibility for her brother being in a vegetative state, financial problems and awakeningsexuality, Florencia becomes addicted to "The Plants" comic books, describing how plants capture human minds.


"Hands of a Mother" directed by Florian Eichinger, Austria/Germany, 2016, international premiere


During a family celebration on board of a ship Markus recollects a horrible incident from his childhood. The conflict escalates, and Markus has to confront his mother, his family and, most notably, himself in order to let the shadows of the past go


"Dreamfish" directed by Anton Bilzho, Russia/Estonia, 2016

Black comedy, debut film.

Roman, descended from a renown family of proof-readers, a true "Petersburg highbrow", comes to a little Estonian resort town Narva-Jõesuu in search for inspiration, tranquility and calmness. He is to proof-read the encyclopedia "Baltic fishes" made in this place by professor Polyansky, a Nobel laureate. This work is very important for Roman. And he would certainly complete it, if he did not gotoo far while swimming. At that moment Helena appears next to him and totally changes his view of life.


"Distraction Babies" directed by Tetsuya Mariko, Japan, 2016,Russian premiere

Human drama.

The scene is laid in a little port town Mitsuhama. The life here is monotonous and boring, especially for young people. Ashihara Taira and his younger brother Shota are orphans living on the shore. Taira always gets into fights and one day he decides to leave his town and sets off in search of a better life. Shota leaves the town in a little while to find his brother. In a new place Taira continues fighting. But everything changes when he meets Yuya, a student going infor video games, who is absolutely useless in street fights.


"A Dream of the Ape" directed by Rumi Shoazimov, Tajikistan, 2016, world premiere

Mystic tale, debut film.

Based on "The Monkey's Paw" by William Jacobs. A mysterious monkey's paw brought from a far off oriental country grants three wishes of its holder. However, a simple ancient aphorism says: nothing comes out of nothing, in order to get something one needs to give something in exchange.

Петербург. Только по любви.jpg

"Petersburg. Only for love" directed by Aksinya Gog, Natalia Nazarova, Oksana Bychkova, Natalia Kudryashova, Anna Parmas, Avdotya Smirnova, Renata Litvinova, 2016


It is easy to feel in love, when you are in St. Petersburg. Here, you take the plunge without hesitation, change coveralls for an evening dress, and are ready to entrust your life to a shaman. In this city you can imagine that you will fly if you jump off a roof, that bronze statues are at the edge of coming alive, and that Josef Brodsky can be saved, if you shoot a movie about him.


"House of Others"/ Georgia/Russia/Spain/Croatia, directed by Russudan Glurjidze, 2016, Russian premiere

Drama, debut film.

Two families lived through a short but destroying war in Abkhazia. As they supported the winners, they are allowed to lodge themselves in houses abandoned by the defeated, however they are unable to start a new peaceful life there: war continues in their daily life, as the struggle tears their souls apart.

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