Workshops for everyone at “On the Edge”

July 10, 2015

Two workshops will take place during “On the Edge” dedicated to photography and mobile cinema.


The participants of the first workshop, “Photographics”, will receive the basic knowledge of photography and will delve deeper into one of the fields of their choice: the specifics of photo editing of the Internet and print news media; the photo reportage and documentarism, or they will study photography as a language of modern art.

Learn more about the “Photographics” workshop and send an application.

The second workshop will take place as part of the “European – Asian” workshop and will be dedicated to mobile cinema. It will be led by Maksim Mussel, one of the leading Russian consultants in the area of reputation management and corporate branding, director of development of the Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM), a multiple-time participant and winner of international mobile cinema festivals.

Learn more about the “Mobile Cinema” workshop and send an application.

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