Beat Film Festival on the Edge

For the directors music has always been a centre of attraction. Godard used young «Rolling Stones» for political pamphlets, Eastwood shot videos devoted to his favorite blues artists, Scorsese turned performances by «U2» into a still cooler attraction (in 3D!). In the late 2010s this tendency reached a new stage. Documentaries have become more prominent than biopics, the genre itself is very popular, the real-life stories about pop-cultural events are more thrilling than certain dramas. «Searching for Sugar Man», a 2013 Oscar winner for the best documentary has changed the life of its protagonist once and for all: the hitherto unknown musician Rodriguez started performing at the Glastonbury Festival and earning 7-digit royalties while the director of the movie soon committed suicide. There are other more reassuring examples, for instance the film «Cool and Eternal» about Egor Letov and the group «Civil Defense» shot by the bass player of the group Natalia Chumakova. It was the most successful documentary of the past year in terms of box-office returns. Beat Film Festival was born in 2010 as a venue for such films in Russia and has since evolved into one of the largest festivals in Eastern Europe screening documentaries about pop-culture and has inherited the touring spirit from its protagonists. So for open-air screenings in the square we chose films which could compete at a music festival. The dazzling five years from the life of David Bowe, the apology of BritPop in the film about Blur,
Nataila Chumakova’s uplifting film about the early days of «Civil Defense» and finally one hypothetical day in the life of Nick Cave reconstructed by modern artists.

Alena Bocharova
Kirill Sorokin