Silence In The Courts



2015, Sri Lanka
53 min., col., language — Sinhalese

Director Prasanna Vithanage
DoP M.D. Mahindapala
Music K
Sound Tapas Nayak
Editing A. Sreekar Prasad
Producer Prasanna Vithanage
Production and sales Prasanna Vithanage Productions

Two women from rural Sri Lanka, sexually abused by a Judge nearly two decades ago, try in vain to seek justice. As their plea is turned down and subverted by the country’s highest authorities, noted journalist Victor Ivan begins to write in-depth stories highlighting their plight, the state of the justice system and its lack of commitment to the downtrodden — to no avail. This film traces stories of these hapless women and the journalist twenty years on, and attempts to understand this shocking miscarriage of justice and how the powerful can sometimes be above the law.

Director, producer. Prize-winner of Amiens, Fribourg, Singapore, Manila and other international film festivals. First became creatively involved in theatre, translating and directing before taking the cinematic route to becoming one of Sri Lanka’s most notable filmmakers. His seven features have won many awards, both local and international, since his 1992 debut «Ice on Fire» won nine OCIC (Sri Lanka) Awards including Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress. Four years later he adapted Leo Tolstoy’s last novel «Resurrection» as «Dark Night of the Soul» and won Special jury prize at Pusan IFF. Dostoevsky’s adaptation «With You, Without You» (2012) participated in Sakhalin IFF-2013 competition and won the prize of Russian Guild of film critics and film scholars.