Tigers And Humans

2016, Russia
52 min., col., language — Russian

Director and Scriptwriter Sergei Yastrzhembsky
DoP Sergei Vasilyev, Nikolai Tarkhanov, Elizbar Karavaev, Yury Efremov, Anton Popilin
Music Marina Makarova
Sound Vladimir Belyaev
Producer Olga Vershinina
Production Yastrebfilm

A little more than 500 Amur Tigers are left living in the wild. The main enemy of the biggest cats on earth is man. According to statistics every year some 20 striped predators die at the hands of the poachers. Some wants the hide, others the meat and bones. The main threat for tigers is our Eastern neighbor China. In Chinese traditional medicine this wild cat holds a special place. The bones are used to produce wine while the meat is considered a valuable delicacy. The Chinese believe that when they drink the potion and devour the meat they get its power, agility and beauty. 
What measures should be taken to eradicate poaching completely and is it at all possible? To answer this question the authors of the film went to the Far East, China and South-East Asian countries and undertook an investigation of their own.

Documentary filmmaker. Born in 1953. Former diplomat, politician, Boris Yeltsin’s spokesman, and aide to Vladimir Putin. Since 2008 has dedicated his life to his passion for documentary photography and filmmaking, mainly throughout the African continent but also in other far flung corners of the globe. His full-length film «Africa. Blood and Beauty» won the Golden Eagle Award by the National Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Russia in Best documentary category of 2013. In 2016 released the investigation documentary «Ivory. A Crime Story», which also received the Golden Eagle Award for Best documentary.