2017, USA
91 min., col., language — English

Director Alisa Khazanova
Scriptwriters Michael Gregory Kupisk, Alisa Khazanova
DoP Feyodor Lyass
Design Ekaterina Scheglova
Music Igor Vdovin
Editing Roman Volobuev
Cast Noah Huntley, Chris Beetem, Alisa Khazanova, Rob Campbell
Producers Ilya Stewart, Alisa Khazanova, Roman Volobuev, Claudio Bellante
Production Hype Film

Him and her. A husband and a wife staying in a cozy hotel where you can come for just a couple of days with a risk to get stuck forever. It is so easy to get trapped in the daily routine. Indeed, nothing is more permanent than the temporary. Their time is like a flat circle. He has his phone calls and business meetings. She is wrapped in her dreams and doubts. All reactions are predictable, all conversations are learnt by heart. An endless LP record of life keeps playing again and again repeating itself. But a few things can break this tune, like a scratch on the record, a crack on a wine glass, a sudden glance or a meeting with a stranger. And then you know: tomorrow will come soon. Any moment something can go wrong, throw you off course, and force you to make a choice.

Graduated from Moscow State Academy of Choreography and The Juilliard School, then entered the Bolshoi Theatre, there worked for eight years. Teachers at Nikolai Ogryzkov’s School of Modern dancing. Staged the choreography acts for Academy of choreography. Made her acting’s debut in short film «The Two of Us» (2005) by Nikolai Khomeriki, continued working at his gull-length features «977» (2006) and «A Tale of the Darkness» (2009). Other acting works: «Beduin» (2011), «Brief Guide To a Happy Life» (2012, serial), «Woman in Black» (2012), «Land of OZ». «Middleground» is her debut as a director and scriptwriter.