His Daughter

2016, Russia (Republic of Sakha-Yakutia)
96 min., col., language — Sakha (Yakutian)

Director and Scriptwriter Tatiana Everstova
DoP Wesley Mrozinsky
Art Director Petr Boyarkin
Music Jiri Hegaer
Cast: Prokopi Yakovlev, Varvara Novogodina, Sveta Portnyagina 
Producers Tatiana Everstova, Maria Everstova
Production Khoro OiOuluun Production

Tanya is a first grade student. She lives with her grandma and grandpa in a distant village in Yakutia. Tanya believes that world is wonderful and it will be forever. She doesn’t want the world surround her to be changed. But some events occur that she doesn’t ready to admit. 

  • Grand-Prix, Special Jury prize «For purity and depth of author’s statement», Prize of Russian Guild of Film critics; «Window to Europe» film festival-2016 (Russia)
  • Best debut prize and special prize awarded by «Rossiiskaya Gazeta» Daily; Ural open festival of Russian cinema-2016

Yakutian film director, scriptwriter, producer. Honored worker of culture of Sakha Republic (Yakutia). Born in Maiagas, Yakutia. Started her career in cinema in 2003 on «Yrya» mini-movie. In 2010 created own production company «Khoro OiOuluun Production». «His Daugher» is her full-length feature debut. Short works and mini-movies: «Meru» (2005, mini-movie), «Suollar» (2006, mini-movie), «Kyys Amma» (2007, mini-movie), «Tulluk» (2008, mini-movie, 3D graphics), «Tan Khatyyta» (Apocalypse, 2009, short), «Alaas» (2010, short).