I see red people


2018, France-Bulgaria
83 min., col., OV Bulgarian, French

Director Bojina Panayotova
DoP Bojina Panayotova, Xavier Sirven
Music Emilian Gatsov
Editing Léa Chatauret, Elsa Jonquet, Bojina Panayotova
Cast Bojina Panayotova, Milena Mikhaïlova Makarius, Nicolaï Panayotov, Toshka Mikhaïlova, Silvina Mikhaïlova, Kamen Draganov, Xavier Sirven
Producers Roy Arida, Arnaud Dommerc
Production and World Sales Stank

After twenty-five years spent in France, I return to Bulgaria, camera in hand, with a vertiginous suspicion: what if my family had collaborated with the political police of the communist regime? And what if they were part of the “red trash” that the demonstrators on the street want to see disappear? I decide to investigate and to film, constantly, ready for anything. My adventure transforms itself into a tragic comic odyssey, a mix of an espionage and a family film.


Director and scriptwriter. Born in Bulgaria. She was 8 years old when she arrived in France. Acquired a Master in philosophy from the Ecole Normale Supérieure and then entered La Fémis. Directed several shorts selected in many international festivals (“Home Match” (2009, produced by Arte), “Bulgarian Gospel” (2011), “Cosmonauts” (2014), etc.) and also works as a scriptwriter (“Hope” (2014, directed by Boris Lojkine – prize winner of La Semaine de la critique), “In Limbo” (2015, directed by Antoine Viviani). “I see red people” is her first feature film as a director.


Komsomolets KKZ

15:00 - I see the Reds (France), Dir. Bozhina Panayotova, 84 ', 18+


Komsomolets KKZ

13:00 - I see the Reds (France), Dir. Bozhina Panayotova, 84 ', 18+ (repeat)