Lansdcape of music


2018, Russia, 83 min., color, 12+
Director: Petr Keleptrishvili, Artyom Ozhogov
Writer: Petr Keleptrishvili, Artyom Ozhogov
Editor: Petr Keleptrishvili, Artyom Ozhogov
Cinematography: Arseny Tishin
Producer: Petr Keleptrishvili, Artyom Ozhogov
Cast: Petr Keleptrishvili, Artyom Ozhogov, Arseny Tishin, Kirill Skobelev, Cal Ruddy, Jamie Mccool, Fingathing, Mammal hands, Eyre Llew, Elles Bailey, Ephemerals, L.A.Salami, Kyan

• Beat Film Festival - 2018 (Spesial screening)

4 friends from Russia go to Britain looking for new world music stars. Concert halls, recording studios, rehearsals, festivals, clubs and streets. On their way from Liverpool to London, they record unique stories of talented young musicians and their live performances on the background of the world's most musical landscape.

Petr Keleptrishvili was born in Moscow. He has Georgian roots and permanent love for music. At the age of 10 he began to shoot his first films. He graduated from Wordshop, the directing course of Yuri Grymov, Andrey Musin and Alena Kukushkina, Sergey Abradov and the musical production of Oleg Nesterov.

Artyom Ozhogov born in Khabarovsk region, the town of New Ural. In far 1996, at school, created film company with his friend. At the university started working on local television VGTRK. Then moved to Moscow. Graduated from Wordshop (master U.Grymov).


  • 22:00Landscape of Music (2018, Dir.Petr Keleptrishvili, Artyom Ozhogov, Russia, documentary, musical, 83 min.) 12+