7 Reasons to run away


2019, Spain, 75 min, col,. 16+
Director Gerard Quinto, Esteve Soler 
Writer: Esteve Soler
Editor: Anaïs Urraca
Original music: Julie Reier
Production design: Cristina Borobia
Producer: Aritz Cirbián Casado, Martin Samper, Xavier Toll
Production company: Interior AIE,
Co-production : Compacto SCCL i No Hay Banda SL, with TV3
Cast: Emma Suárez, Sergi López, Lola Dueñas, David Verdaguer, Alain Hernández, Francesc Orella, Brendemühl, Núria Gago, Manolo Solo, Aina Clotet

• Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival - 2019 (Nomenee “Best European Fantastic Feature Film”)

We meet them every day. An unpleasant neighbor, a colleague at work, a girlfriend getting married, a crazy family on the street, an old acquaintance or a cunning seller. And no one knows what they really think. Maybe they just want to kill you? Seven stories in which black humor coexists with a nightmare, and laughter turns into screams of horror.

Gerard Quinto, Esteve Soler, David Torras are Spanish directors and screenwriters. They shoot both short and a feature film in the collaboration, usually in the genre of comedy or B movie.

2019 - “7 Reasons to run away”
2014 - “Interior. Família”


  • 23:007 Reasons to Run Away (From Society) (2019, Dir. Gerard Quinto, Esteve Soler, David Torras, Spain, comedy noir, 75 min.) 16+