To Let


2017, India, 99 min., col., 12+
Director: Chezhiyan Ra
Writer: Chezhiyan Ra
Editor: A.Eseekar Prasad
Music: Tapas Nayak
Art Director: Shankar
Camerman: Mani SP
Producer: Prema Chezhiyan
Production Company: Zhla Cinema
Cast: Dharun Bala, T. Arul Ezhilan, Mk Mani, Marudhu Mohan, Sheela Rajkumar

• International Film Festival of India – 2018 (Winner Special Jury Award; Nominee Golden Peacock)
• National Film Awards (India) – 2018 (Winner Regional Award)

In Tamil-language film the action takes place in Mumbai of the previous decade. The “land lease drama” shows a young couple with a child struggling as they search for a convenient place to live as landlords of the area keep hiking the prices. It's not the plot (quite a predictable one) that makes the film special, it is the masterfully elaborated characters, accuracy in the most tiny details (showing the director's prowess), the vivid and highly realistic acting. Curious enough, the main character (a beginning screenwriter) watches Tarkovsky's Andrey Rublev. The film has been shortlisted for many festivals, but didn't gather much public reaction with us.

Chezhiyan Ra - writer, cinematographer, director
Writer,Poet and cinematographer, who works primarily in the Tamil Film Industry as a Director of photography. Most Of the films got numerous awards including National awards. His debut as a cinematographer, Kalloori (2007) has screened in Indian Panorama. His camera work in Paradesi (2013) won the Best cinematography award at the 2013 London Filmmakers Film festival.And got best cinematography award in Norway Film festival.
TO LET is his debut movie as a director.

Filmography as a Director
2017 – “TO LET”


  • 15:00To Let (2019, Dir. Chezhiyan Ra, India, drama, 99 min.) 16+


  • 15:00To Let (2019, Dir. Chezhiyan Ra, India, drama, 99 min.) 16+. Repeat.