On the Edge: East 2019. The Opening Movie.

July 19, 2019
‘Family Romance, LLC’, the new movie by German living classic and multiple winner of Cannes, Venice and Berlin film festivals, as well as an Oscar nominee Werner Herzog, will open the 9th International Film Festival ‘On the Edge: East 2019’. This will be the Russian premiere for the film.

Herzog’s docufiction’s protagonist is a Tokyo-based entrepreneur Mahiro Tanimoto, who specializes in delivering very specific, although strictly non-sexual, requests from his clients. He is hired as a ‘family member’ and is being used as a part of the healing process. The film was first presented in 2019 in the Cannes Special Screenings program. It will open both the festival and the [9th International Film Festival ‘On the Edge: East 2019’] competition program, which will include 9 films this year.

This premiere marks a watershed moment for the 9-year old festival. The initial idea behind the festival was to ‘marry’ East and West and bring Western culture to Sakhalin, Russia’s Eastern frontier. For all these years we paid extra attention to Korean, Japanese, Iraninan and Thai movies, introducing our viewers to movies of all kinds of genres and backgrounds, and thus widening their outlook. Among the numerous guests of the festival were star directors Jiǎ Zhāngkē (China) and Mohsen Mahmalbaf (Iran). Now we can surely state that the East-West synergy is full-on. We are entering into a new era: this festival is now a part of the global context, and we can’t go about with Asian cinematography alone. We need to widen our geography. A great example of intercultural production is the film by German-born director Herzog who has found his heroes in Japan.

Alexey Medvedev, ‘On the Edge: East’ program director, says: ‘Starting from this year, we will widen the geography of competition movies and keep on looking for a unique tone to be distinguished from all the other festivals’.

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