The Shift program is formed

The Shift program is formed August 27, 2016

This year, for the first time, the Shift action video contest will take place within the VI Sakhalin International Festival "KraySveta" ("On the Edge").

Nowadays, everyone has a possibility to make his or her own video. Someone make them for their relatives, others for the mass spectator. Among the latter, there are numerous video in the Internet dedicated to hiking, wild nature, underwater shooting; ski slopes shot from the first person or extreme sports enthusiasts shot from outside. These videos often become landmarks of the whole regions. The number of viewings sometimes exceeds tens of thousands. The personal example of the author who pushed himself beyond the limits (walking, swimming, flying) motivates the spectator to be active, strive to achieve his goals. Besides, a good video is a reason to lay one's own route in the region where the video has been taken.

The Shift contest sets a task to gather and appreciate the best videos made on the Far East.

Now, when the region is widely promoted, it is worth showing its really unique features.

Program coordinator: IlyaShamazov.


The program features the following videos:

трейлер Сахалин.jpg
   ·        Sergey Asaulenko. Sakhalin, trailer

Nature, sports, leisure: everything you can fall in love with Sakhalin for and remain here forever.

Кайттрип Александрия.jpg

·        Oleg Epikhin. Kite trip to Alexandrovsk.

Kiteboarding near Three Brothers rocks in Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinsky. Trip Report.

Скитур-Пик Чехова.jpg 

·        Oleg Epikhin. Ski tour to Chekhov peak.

Off-piste skiing from Chekhov peak slope. 


·        Dmitry Kovalev. Down the old roads of Sakhalin: Uglegorsk-Krasnogorsk

Are portvideo on the biking tour down the old road from Uglegorsk to Krasnogorsk.

Озеро Буссе Сахалин.jpg

·        Andrey Gridnev. Busse Lake Sakhalin

A drone-made nature film.

·        Eugeny Kovalev. Snow-addiction.

Skidoo driving at Kholmsk district.
Это не сон.jpg

·        Anna Ivanitskaya. This is not a dream

Activekayakleisureand SUP in Nevelsk district

Пик Смелый.jpg

·        Roman Konstantinovich Koksharov, Iliya Alexandrovich Cherevaty. Smeliy Peak2014

"We like biking and we want to go to new, undiscovered places. Our search brought us to Smeliy Peak".

Дальние острова.jpg

·        Vasily Nikolayevich Vishnevsky. Far Isles       

"FarIsles" trailerdedicated to the 70th anniversary of Sakhalin region, showing the most popular and important tourist places of the region and its fauna.

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