New Beijing: Reinventing a Sity



2009, Australia
52 min., col., language — English, Chinese

Director and scriptwriter Georgia Wallace-Crabbe
Camera Andrea Cavazutti, Kathryn Milliss, Sam Voutas, Jian Peng, Liu Yi
Music Daniel Wallace-Crabbe
Sound Mark Tanner
Editing Kevin Hinchly
Producers Gregory Miller, Georgia Wallace-Crabbe
Production Film Projects, Screen Australia World sales Taskovski Films Ltd

As China emerges as the new economic powerhouse of the 21-century, no one can disrupt the biggest construction boom in the history. We marvel at the Beijing’s new face as international architects create new symbolist icons. The end of the Olympics sees hundreds of new projects begin. The architects of the iconic buildings (Watercube, Birds Nest, Stadium, and National Theatre) and their visions for the future contrast with those of hutong activist Zhang Jinqi. His photography project Memories of China opens in Jan 09 featuring images of the last heritage districts of the old city, which are soon to be demolished. With 400 cities of the size of Beijing to build by 2020 China has little time to reflect.

  • ATOM Award-2010 for Best Documentary: Poltics and Culture 
  • Special Mention and Honorable Mention by jury; US Archeology Film Festival-2010 

Georgia Wallace-Crabbe
Director, producer, festival programmer. Was born in Melbourne. Graduated from Melbourne film school in 1983. Her film «Holzwege Wood Roads/Wrong Ways» won Best Short Film at Melbourne FF 1984, screening at festivals worldwide. Went on to produce experimental short films and worked in crew roles. Was a programmer of The State Film Centre of Victoria, the Melbourne IFF, founding director of The World of Women FF and producer/curator of The LOUD Media Festival of Youth Culture and the Arts. Produced numerous documentaries including international coproductions from «Mandalay» (1987) to «These Heathen Dreams» (2014). She is currently undertaking a Doctorate of Creative Arts at University of Wollongong.