One More



2014, Russia
99 min., col., language — Russian

Director, producer, editing Dmitry Lavrinenko
Camera Alexei Strelov, Alexei Gritsenko
Cast Leonid Fedorov, Oleg Garkusha, Dmitry Ozersky, Vladimir Volkov, Nikolai Rubanov, Mikhail Kolovsky, Yuri Parfenov, Viktor Bondarik, Boris Shaveinikov, Kirill Miller, Sergei Vasiliev, Mikhail Rappoport
Sales Velimir
Distribution in RF Beat Films

A great many letters were scribbled and several tasteless TV documentaries were shot about the great Russian group «AuktsYon», which recently celebrated its thirtieth anniversary. The film «More» is totally different: the director Dmitri Lavrinenko toiled at it for seven years, that’s exactly how long it took to capture the willful elegance still preserved by Fedorov, Garkusha, Ozersky and Co. Once you peer past the musical façade, what you discover is not the history of the group, but a chronicle of the journey towards unique, amazing music. «More» captures the process of composing the songs which are now sung by heart, as well as those moments which are usually omitted — glimpses of everyday life, touring diaries, conversations in which we repeatedly hear the phrase: «You can’t look at freedom for too long, otherwise you might get giddy».

Director, scriptwriter. Born in 1971. Graduated from Academy of Media Industry in 2002 (feature film workshop by Sergei Evlakhishvili and documentary film&tv workshop by Igor Belyaev). Made more than 20 doc and autheur films and music videos. Among others: «1/125 of Alxandr Bobrovsky» (2002), «Man of April» (2006), Stay Yourself (2007) , «Shell» (2007), «Secrets of Arkhangelsky Cathedral» (2008), «The Height. Norman Foster» (2010), «Children of Tundra» (2010).