Our Escape

2016, Japan
116 min., col., language — Japanese

Director and Scriptwriter Nobuteru Uchida
DoP, Art Director Aya Saito
Art Director María Eugenia Sueiro
Music Yamikurae
Editing Nobuteru Uchida
Cast Ryubun Sumori, Ai Sakurai, Daisuke Matsunaga, Nobuhito Irie, Seiichi Shido, Takashi Matsumoto, Hikari Suzuki, Kaori Shiina, Yuta Moriya, Kosuke Takaki
Producers Aya Saito, Nobuteru Uchida
Production Nobu Film

Noboru is a young man struggling for survival in the outskirts of Tokyo, where he lives in a tent filled with calligraphic compositions as expressions of his sense of solitude and alienation. When he accidentally witnesses a fight between a girl and a man, Kifuyu and Shigehisa, intrigued by Kifuyu he decides to start following her. After discovering that she is submissively involved with Shigehisa in the illicit practice of the «badger game», he persuades her to attempt to escape together by devising a fake kidnapping. As Shigehisa rebuffs his ransom demand, Kifuyu tries to kill him in a surge of anger.

Director. Born in Saitama Prefecture in 1972. His feature-length film debut, the documentary "Pictorial Letters’’(2002), won the Special Jury Prize at the 2003 Pia Film Festival. His first theatrical feature film, "Kazaana’’(2007), screened in the Dragons & Tigers Competition section of the Vancouver International Film Festival among others and garnered much attention. Afterward, his third feature film, "Love Addiction’’(2010) winning the Grand Prix at the 11th edition of the Tokyo FILMeX and went on to be invited to international film festivals in Rotterdam, Hong Kong, Taipei, and San Sebastian. "Odayaka’’(2012) was also invited Tokyo FILMeX, Rotterdam, Thessaloniki, Busan, among other international film festivals and was theatrically released not only in Japan but Taiwan as well. His following works also include "Love Bombs’’(2013).