The man who killed Don Quixote


2018, Spain-Belgium-France-UK-Portugal
132 min., col., OV – English, Spanish

Terry Gilliam
Scriptwriters Terry Gilliam, Tony Grisoni
DoP Nicola Pecorini
Production design Benjamín Fernández
Music Roque Baños
Editing Teresa Font, Lesley Walker
Cast Adam Driver, Jonathan Pryce, Stellan Skarsgård, Olga Kurylenko, Joana Ribeiro, Rossi de Palma
Producers Mariela Besuievsky. Amy Gilliam, Gerardo Herrero, Grégoire Melin
Production Alacran Pictures, Tornasol Films, Entre Chien Et Loup, Ukbar Filmes, El Hombre Que Mato a Don Quijote AIE, Carisco Producciones AIE
World Sales Kinology
Distribution RF Cinema Prestige

Toby, a cynical advertising director finds himself trapped in the outrageous delusions of an old Spanish shoe-maker who believes himself to be Don Quixote. In the course of their comic and increasingly surreal adventures, Toby is forced to confront the tragic repercussions of a film he made in his idealistic youth – a film that changed the hopes and dreams of a small Spanish village forever. Can Toby make amends and regain his humanity? Can Don Quixote survive his madness and imminent death? Or will love conquer all?


Bio (Degradeable) In 1971, Terry Gilliam, the only American member of Monty Python's Flying Circus, succeeded in getting his name on screen as Co-Director of “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”. Since then he has continued to fool people into believing that he has been responsible for such films as “Jabber Wocky”, “Time Bandits”, “Brazil”, “The Adventures of Baron Münchausen”, “The Fisher King”, “12 Monkeys”, and the most unbelievably successful, world-wide box office smash hit phenomenon of 1998, “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”. His films have won many awards and lost even more. Terry Gilliam for Cannes.


Theater them. Chekhov

22:00 - The man who killed Don Quixote (Spain, Belgium, France, Portugal, Great Britain), Dir. Terry Gilliam, 132 ', 12+


Cinema "October", big hall

19:30 - The man who killed Don Quixote (Spain, Belgium, France, Portugal, Great Britain), Dir. Terri Gilliam, 132 ', 12+ (repeat)