Our time will come


2017, China-Hong Kong
130 min., col., OV – Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese

Director Ann Hui
Scriptwriter He Jiping
DoP Nelson Lik Wai Yu
Production design Man Lim Chung
Music Joe Hisaishi
Editing Mary Stephen
Cast Xun Zhou, Eddie Peng, Wallace Huo, Deannie Ip, Tony Ka Fai Leung
Producers Ann Hui, Stephen Lam, Roger Lee
Production Bona Film Group, Class Limited
World Sales Distribution Workshop

Ann Hui's moving and suspenseful drama showcases the heroic activities undertaken by resistance fighters during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong from 1941–44. The guerillas first aim is to ferry nearly 100 leftist intellectuals to safety, including Mao Tun, one of modern China's most celebrated novelists. He's staying at the home of Mrs. Fong and her daughter Lan, a teacher. Lan ends up assisting in the writer's getaway, and her grace under fire leads underground leader Blackie to recruit her…

  • 5 Hong Kong Film Awards including for Best Film, Best Director and Best Music
  • Asian Film Award for Best Music
  • Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards for Best Film and others


Actress, director, scriptwriter, producer. One of the most acclaimed of Hong Kong New Wave filmmakers. Asian Film Awards Laureate, multiple winner of Hong Kong Film Awards and other most prestigious awards of Asia. Prize winner and participant of Venice, Berlinale, Moscow IFF and other world significant film festivals. Born in China. In the age of five moved to Macao then to Hong Kong. Graduated from Hong Kong University in 1972 with master degree in English. Then studied at the London Film School for two years. In 1979, made her first feature “The Secret” which one two prizes at “Golden Horse” FF, Notable works as a director: “Boat Men”(1982),“Song of Exile” (1990), “Summer Snow” (1995), “Ordinary Heroes” (1998), “Visible Secret” (2001), “Jade Goddess of Mercy” (2003), “Postmodern Life of My Aunt” (2006), “The Way We Are” (2008), “A Simple Life” (2011). “The Golden Era” (2014) was the Closing Film of Venice IFF.



Cinema "October", big hall

20:30 - Our time will come (China), Dir. Ann Hui, 130


Cinema "October", big hall

16:00 - Our time will come (China), Dir. Ann Hui, 130