My neighbours are Yamadas


1999, Japan
104 min., col., OV – Japanese, Russian dubs

Director and scriptwriter Isao Takahata
DoP Atsushi Okui
Art directors Yôji Takeshige, Naoya Tanaka
Music Akiko Yano
Producers Takashi Shoji, Yasuyoshi Tokuma, Seiichiro Ujiie
Production Studio Ghibli, Tokuma Shoten
Distribution in RF RUSCICO

Join in the adventures of the quirky Yamada family – from the hilarious to the touching and brilliantly presented in a unique, visually striking comic strip style. Takashi Yamada and his wacky wife Matsuko, who has no talent for housework, navigate their way through the ups and downs of work, marriage and family life with a sharp-tongued grandmother who lives with them, a teenage son who wishes he had cooler parents, and a pesky daughter whose loud voice is unusual for someone so small. Even the family dog has issues!