O matko!

2017, Poland
12 min. 15 sec., col., without dialogues

Director and scriptwriter Paulina Ziółkowska
Animation Paulina Ziółkowska, Zofia Skórka, Aleksandra Wit, Natalia Krawczuk, Barbara
Rupik, Karolina Specht, Artur Hanaj, Wojciech Wojtkowski, Aleksandra Kucwaj, Beata
Music Tomasz Opałka, Piotr Mejran
Editing Wojciech Janas
Production FUMI Studio, Film School in Lodz

“Oh Mother!” is a story of a relationship between an overprotective mother and her son. It is a
playful game of constant changes of social and family roles, age and sizes. The film tries to
answer the question who is truly an adult and what does it mean.

  • I Place in the Professional Category