The lord eagle


2018, Russia, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
80 min., col., OV – Sakha (Yakutian)

Director Eduard Novikov
Scriptwriter Semen Ermolayev
DoP Semen Amanatov
Production Design Sargylana Skryabina
Music Andrey Guriyanov
Cast Stepan Petrov, Zoya Popova, Afanasy Fedorov, golden eagle Tumara
General producer Dmitry Shadrin
Production Sakahfilm

Yakutia, the 1930s. Old Mikipper and his wife Oppuos live their days in thick taiga. Cows, hunting, fishing make up the simple everyday life of the old people. Once early in the winter an eagle flies into their garden. The old people dare no drive it away because eagles are sacred. All through the winter they feed the bird so that it does no attack their cattle. Gradually they grow accustomed to each other. On a cold Christmas day the eagle makes its way into the house and occupies the honorary place in the corner on the shelf next to the icons. From then on the people and the bird start their life together in one house.

  • Main Prize “Golden George” and FIPRESCI Prize, Moscow IFF-2018



Director, DoP. High achiever of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). Graduated from St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television in 2001 as a director-cameraman. His thesis work film “God” received the prize of “Kodak” company at the First student film festival “Piterkit” and the prize for best feature film at the festival “Nachalo (Inception)” in St. Petersburg. Edward Novikov works at the National Film Company “Sahafilm” in Yakutsk. In 2013 his film “Osuokhay – Dance of Life” got the “Bronze Diver” prize as an ethno-ecological film at the International Ecological TV Festival “To Save and Preserve” in Khanty-Mansiysk. And feature “Blessed” (2014) had won prize at Yakutsk IFF. Directed documentaries “Light In the Darkness” (2003), “Plisada” (2005), “The Fate Will Be the Fate” (2006), “Sniper of the Russian Land” (2008), “Tanda” (2013).