Great Poetry


2019, Russia, 120 min, col., 18+
Director: Alexander Lungin
Writers Alexander Lungin and Sergey Osipiyan
Cinematography: Vsevolod Kaptur
Producers: Violetta Krechetova, Artyom Vasiliev, Sergey Shtern, Pavel Lungin, Dmitry Gorelik
Co-producers Ivan Grodetsky, Sofia Kvashilava (OKKO)
Production: Film Company "ADDRESS FILM", Workshop of Pavel Lungin, with the support of "OKKO".
Cast: Alexander Kuznetsov, Alexei Filimonov, Fedor Lavrov, Evgeny Syty, Elena Makhova, Sevastyan Bugaev, Alexander Topuria.
With: Seydulla Moldakhanov, Andronik Khachiyan, Ekaterina Egorova, Maria Bolshova, Andrey Rodionov, Lev RE-pac, Ekaterina Troepolskaya, Viktor Konukhin, Alexander Mironov, Maksim Sirotkin, Alexei Nikolaev

«Great Poetry» tells the story of two guys working as collectors. For several years they have been transporting other people's money. They dream to visit a poetic club in the House of Culture and to see the cockfights in the local campus for migrant workers. In the whole world they have no one but each other. It is not easier for an outsider to understand their relationship than to dig a concrete wall with a plastic spoon.

Alexander Lungin , script writer and director
In 1995 he entered the history department of Moscow State University. In 1995 he graduated.
In 1996 he worked as an editor in the program of Peter Shepotinnik “Kinescope”.
In 1997, wrote the script for the documentary The Last Inuit by the commission of Channel Plus, French television.

2019 - “Great Poetry“
2015 - “Black Water“
2012 - “Nowhere to hurry“
2011 - “Guys from Mars“


  • 20:00Great Poetry, competition (2019, Dir. Aleksandr Lungin, Russia, drama, crime, 120 min.) 18+


  • 15:30Great Poetry (2019, Dir. Aleksandr Lungin, Russia, drama, crime, 120 min.) 18+. Repeat