Innocent saturday


2011, Russia - Germany - Ukraine, 99 min., 16+
Director: Alexander Mindadze
Screenplay: Alexander Mindadze
Cinematographer: Oleg Mutu
Costume Design: Irina Grazhdankina, Ekaterina Khimicheva
Sound: Jörg Theil, Tilo Feinermann
Editors: Dasha Danilova, Ivan Lebedev
Producers: Alexander Rodnyansky, Sergey Melkumov, Matthias Eshce, Philipp Kreuzer, Alexander Mindadze, Dmitry Efremov, Oleg Kokhan
Production: NonStop Production, BavariaPictures film studio, Passenger-film, SOTA Cinema Group
Co-production with channels ARTE and MDR
Cast: Anton Shagin, Svetlana Smirnova-Martsinkevich, Stanislav Ryadinsky, Vasily Guzov, Aleksey Demidov, Vyacheslav Petkun, Sergey Gromov, Ulyana Fomicheva, Aleksey Galushko, Aleksey Shlyamin, Georgy Volynsky

«Innocent» Saturday was the first day of ignorance right after the Chernobyl accident on April 26, 1986. A small town, unaware of the catastrophe, lives an everyday life. A young employee of the city committee, Valery Kabash, by chance learns about the true extent of the tragedy: the level of radiation is fatal, but Moscow is meddling with the decision about evacuation of the local residents. Eager to save his friends-musicians and the girl he once loved, Valery persuades them to flee the city. But escape does not work - one cannot escape life, one cannot stop even for just a moment. Life wins anyway, its little things, small worries, momentary joys are stronger than fear and death.

ALEXANDER MINDADZE was born in Moscow and is considered as one of the most acclaimed scriptwriters and directors in Russia. More than 20 of his screenplays have been filmed since 1975.He is a winner of numerous awards such as golden medal of Venice Film Festival and the Silver Bear of the Berlin Film Festival. He is a laureate of the USSR State Prize
In 2007 his feature film debut as director, SOAR, was premiered at Venice IFF. This film received two awards, including the film critics award for best debut film in Russia. Second feature film written and directed by Alexander Mindadze INNOCENT SATURDAY was premiered at Berlin IFF in 2011. Mindadze is the unique Russian scriptwriter who was awarded with prestigious ENNIO FLAIANO PRIZE and the SILVER PEGASUS from the Italian Academy of Culture for "Literature's contribution to the cinema."

Selected Filmography
Scriptwriter, director, producer
2015 – “My Good Hans”
2011 – “Innocent Saturday”

Scriptwriter, director
2015 – “My Good Hans”
2011 – “Innocent Saturday”
2007 – “Soar”


  • 15:00Innocent Saturday (2011, Dir.Aleksandr Mindadze, Russia-Germany-Ukraine, drama, 99 min.) 16+