1987, USSR, 153 min, col., 12+
Director: Sergey Solovyov
Writer: Sergey Solovyov, Sergey Livnev, Nathan Aidelman
Cinematography: Pavel Lebeshev
Editor: Vera Kruglova
Original music: Boris Grebenshchikov
Production Designer: Marksen Gaukhman-Sverdlov
Producer: Vladimir Dudin
Production company: Mosfilm
Cast: Sergey Bugaev, Tatyana Drubich, Stanislav Govorukhin, Nathan Eidelman, Anatoly Slivnikov, German Shor, Ilya Ivanov, Aleksandr Bashirov, Viktor Tsoi

• International Fantasy Film Award Fantasporto 1989 - (Nominee Best Film)
• Nika Awards 1989, - (Winner, Best Production Designer, Nominee Best Music)

An intelligent elderly Mafioso arrives in Yalta with to steal a precious violin. He is accompanied by a young lover Alika, in whom a talented boy, a singer and musician, falls in love. Bandits kill the persistent opponent. Alika shoots a rich fan from a revolver. The film about crime, jealousy and love complement with the songs by Boris Grebenshchikov and Viktor Tsoi.

Sergei Solovyov is a Russian director, producer, writer and actor. Born 25 August 1944, in Kem, Karelo-Finnish SSR
Solovyov studied at all-Soviet state Institute of Cinematography, worked in Leningrad TV and Mosfilm studio. In 1975, he won the Silver Bear for Best Director at the 25th Berlin International Film Festival for his film One Hundred Days After Childhood Solovyov contributed to the Russian rock movement of the perestroika era, with such films as "Assa" (1987) and "Black Rose Is an Emblem of Sorrow, Red Rose Is an Emblem of Love"(1989). Both Soviet films prominently feature Russian rock music in soundtracks.
He used to be achairman of Cinematographer's Union of Russia from 1994 to 1997. Currently Solovyov is a professor of Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography, president of the International Festival of Cinematographic Debuts "Spirit of Fire"

Selected Filmography
1972 – “The Stationmaster”
1974 – “One Hundred Days after Childhood”
1976 – “Melodies of the White Night”
1987 – “Assa”
1989 – “Black Rose Is an Emblem of Sorrow, Red Rose Is an Emblem of Love”
2000 – “Tender Age”


  • 22:00Assa. The Restored Version. (1987, Dir. Sergey Soloviev, Russia, drama, music, 157 min.) 12+