Ties Live Potatoes


«On the edge» 2019
Authors’ animation program

«Ties, the Living Potato»

It turned out that the this year author’s program is all about the relationships: friends, family, loved ones. About the invisible ties that connect us with those we love, without them the world is cold, empty and hopeless. About our mutual dependency, about how we tamed to each other.

“What does that mean – tame?” Asked Little Prince the Fox. – “It's an act too often neglected”, explained the wise Fox, “It means to establish ties”.

You will see a monster suffering from loneliness and needing a friend («Lonely Monster in a Search» by Ivan Maksimov). A hand that is looking for it’s only ... pair («Handheld» by Ekaterina Mikheeva). A girl whose grandfather had passed away, but she continues to play all her magical games with him, because she has no friend better than her grandfather («Lola, the Living Potato» by Leonid Shmelkov). An old lady who misses her loved ones who have moved away («Hello, Dear Ones» by Aleksandra Vasilieva). A simple-hearted Mitya from the story by Boris Shergin, who is looking for his beloved girl, carried away by the wind («Mitya’s Love», Svetlana Filippova). An elderly couple entering the watercolor sea, as the finale of their life, and then a little girl literally jumps through them to swim into the sea like the beginning of life («Five Minutes to the Sea» by Natalya Mirzoyan). And in the final of the program: «Ties» by Dina Velikovskaya – one of the best European films of the year. A girl, who has left home, untangles the threads of connection with her parents, with the house itself. And what are we without these connections? And what is a father’s house without us?

“Five Minutes to the Sea”, Natalya Mirzoyan, 7 min. 7 sec. , “Peterbourg”
“Lonely Monster in a Search”, Ivan Maksimov ,7 min. 16 sec., “Master-film”
“Handheld”, Ekaterina Mikheeva, 4 min. 21 sec., “HSE”
“Lola, the Living Potato”, Leonid Shmelkov 17 min. “Shar-studio”
“Hello, Dear Ones”, Aleksandra Vasilieva 4 min. 30 sec. “Shar-studio”
“Mitya’s love”, Svetlana Filippova 14 min. 4 sec. “Shar-studio”
“Beetle in the Anthill”, Vasily Efremov 14 min., «Aquarius films»
“Ties”, by Dina Velikovskaya, 7 min. 30 sec., «Pchela»
75 min