The Man Who Surprised Everyone


2018, Russia - Estonia - France, 104 min., Color., 18+
Director: Natasha Merkulova
Screenplay: Aleksey Chupov And Natalya Merkulova
Camera: Mart Taniel
Editing: Vadim Krasnitsky
Music: Alexander Fedenev
Producer: Ekaterina Filippova
Production Company:  Arizona Productions, Atlantik, Homeless Bob Production
Main cast: Evgeniy Tsyganov, Natalya Kudryashova, Yuriy Kuznetsov, Vasiliy Popov, Pavel Maykov, Aleksey Filimonov, Elena Voronchikhina, Maksim Vitorgan

• the Venice Film Festival-2018 (Prize for Best Actress Natalya Kudryashova in the Horizons program)

Egor is a forest ranger in Siberia. He is a perfect example of a family man and is very respected in his village. His wife Natalia is expecting their second child. Suddenly Egor finds out that he is terminally ill and has only two months to live. Neither traditional medicine nor shamanic sorcery can fight the disease. Egor decides to take desperate measures and change his personality to deceive the approaching death.

Natasha Merkulova graduated from the University of Irkutsk and Higher Courses of Directors and Scriptwriters in Moscow. She gained fame working as a presenter on Irkutsk television. For her documentary films “The Cell” (2003) and “Injury” (2010) she was awarded the A. Borovik prize and at the Kinoshok film festival.

Aleksey Chupov graduated from Moscow State University, studied History of World Cinema in the USA. He started his career as a journalist and documentary screenwriter on TVC and Russia-1 TV channels.

Selected Filmography:
2018 – “The Man Who Surprised Everyone”
2017 – “About Love. Adults Only”
2017 – “Gogol. The Beginning”
2017 – “Salyut”
2013 – “Intimate Parts”