The Tuner


2004, Russia - Ukraine, 154 min, col,. 12+
Director: Kira Muratova
Writer: Chetvertkov, Yevgeni Golubenko, A.F. Koshko (short stories), Kira Muratova
Editor: Valentina Oleynik
Original music: Valentin Sylvestrov
Producers: Sergey Chliyants, Vladimir Ignatiev, Alexander Bokovikov
Production company: Pygmalion
Cast: Georgiy Deliev, Alla Demidova, Renata Litvinova, Nina Ruslanova, Sergey Bekhterev, Natalya Buzko, Zhan Daniel, Uta Kilter

• Venice Film Festival 2004, Toronto International Film Festival 2004,
• Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2004, goEast (Wiesbaden) 2005,
• Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema 2018

A young piano tuner befriends two rich old-ladies, and plots, with the help of his girlfriend, to betray their trust and steal from them A former nurse, Lyuba, seeking marriage through newspaper personal ads, is bilked by a stranger whom she mistakes for her new date. Lyuba’s elderly, well-to-do girlfriend, Anna Sergeyevna is defrauded in a different fashion: having placed a newspaper ad for a piano tuner, she is entrapped by Andrey, who is not only an excellent tuner and musician, but also a reasonably good petty thief and scam artist. Andrey and his current lover, Lina, attempting to further secure the women’s trust by returning Lyuba’s money, which had been scammed yet again by a second potential husband cum con-artist, place their own fake personal ad in a newspaper so as to locate the suspect. Having returned Lyuba’s stolen money, Andrei finally swindles both Lyuba and Anna Sergeyevna through an elaborate bank forgery scheme—in a word, a portrait of normal human nature a la Muratova.

Kira Muratova
Ukrainian and Soviet film director, screenwriter and actress
Known for her unusual directorial style. Muratova spent most of her artistic career in Odessa, creating her films with local studios, mostly casting local actors. Muratova films have been premiering at International Film Festivals in Berlin, Cannes, Moscow, Rome, Venice and others. Next to Alexander Sokurov, Muratova is considered to be the most idiosyncratic contemporary Russian-language film director.

Selected Filmography:
2009 – “Melody for a Street-organ”
2004 – “The Tuner”
1989 – “The Asthenic Syndrome”
1971 – “The Long Farewell”
1967 – “Brief Encounters”


  • 15:00The Tuner (2004, Dir.Kira Muratova, Russia-Ukraine, drama, comedy, 154 min.) 12+