Give Me Liberty


2019, USA, 110 min, col., 18+
Director: Kirill Mikhanovsky
Script: Elin Austin, Kirill Mikhanovsky
Cinamatography: Wyatt Garfield
Music: Evgeny Galprin
Producers: Kirill Mikhanovsky, George Rush, Val Abel, Sergey Shtern, Ryan Zacarias, Ben Zaitlin
Cast: Chris Galust, Lauren Spencer, Maksim Stoyanov, Daria Ekamasova

• Participant of the 72th Cannes film festival

“Give Me Liberty” is a crazy and incredibly lyrical comedy about two lovers, one petty con man and a dozen of charming characters who end up in the same minibus on the way to a noisy wake ceremony. Kirill Mikhanovsky’s next film after “Dubrovsky”, it was warmly received at the Sundance Film Festival, “Give Me Liberty” is bold questions and sincere declarations of love, perky shootings and touching madness to the music of Bon Iver.

Kirill Mikhanovsky is a film director, born in Moscow. Immigrated to Milwaukee (USA, Wisconsin) studied linguistics and anthropology at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. For some time he worked as a driver of medical vehicles for people with disabilities. Graduated from New York University and the Sundance Institute (Scriptwriters Laboratory). His debut film “Fish Dreams” was screened as part of the Critics Week at the Cannes Film Festival and won the “Regard jeune” prize. The film «Inhale / Exhale» was shown at the Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam, at the festivals in Clermont-Ferrand and Khanty-Mansiysk, where it received the Special Jury Prize. Co-founder of Give Me Liberty Productions (2015).


  • 16:00Give me Liberty (2019, Dir. Kirill Mikhanovskiy, USA, drama, comedy, 110 min.) 18+


  • 16:00Give me Liberty (2019, Dir. Kirill Mikhanovskiy, USA, drama, comedy, 110 min.) 18+. Repeat