2018, Germany, 127 min., col., 12+
Director: Andreas Dresen
Writer: Laila Stieler
Producers: Claudia Steffen Christoph Friedel
Director of Photography: Andreas Höfer
Editing: Jörg Hauschild
Music Production: Jens Quandt
Sound: Peter Schmidt Thomas Neumann Ralf Krause
Production: Pandora Film Produktion
Cast: Alexander Scheer, Anna Unterberger , Axel Prahl, Thorsten Merten ,Eva Weißenborn, Benjamin Kramme

• Tromsø International Film Festival – 2019 (FIPRESCI Prize) Winner; Nominee (Aurora Award)
• Bavarian Film Awards – 2019 (Bavarian Film Award - Best Actor) Winner
• German Film Awards – 2019 winner (Outstanding Feature Film, Best Direction, Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role, Best Screenplay, Best Production Design, Best Costume Design), Nominee(Film Award in Gold) Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Makeup

GUNDERMANN tells the story of a digger driver who writes songs. He is a poet, a clown, an idealist. He dreams and hopes, loves and struggles. He’s a spy who gets spied on, a do-gooder who doesn’t know better. He is torn. GUNDERMANN is both a music film and a love story; a drama about guilt and entanglement, about suppression and confrontation. GUNDERMANN is a film about the homeland. It takes a new look back at the GDR, a country that has disappeared. It’s not too late – in fact, it’s about time.

Andreas Dresen was born 1963 to a theatrical family, he is a son of a famous opera director Adolf Dresen. Andreas started shooting his first amateur films as early as 1979. From 1986–1991, Dresen studied directing at the Konrad Wolf Film University of Babelsberg (HFF). He has worked as an independent author and director since 1992. He lives near Potsdam and is a member of the Academy of Arts, Berlin (Akademie der Künste), the Europäischen Filmakademie (European Film Academy) as well as founding member of the Deutschen Filmakademie (German Film Academy).
In recent years he has become one of the most significant directors in Germany. He gained numerous award and prizes on most famous international festivals and competitions.. Starting in the 2018 summer semester, he will also take up the newly established professorship for film acting at the Rostock University of Music and Theatre in Rostock.

Selected Filmography
2018 – “Gundermann”
2017 – “The Boy Who Sold His Laughter”
2015 – “As We Were Dreaming”
2013 – “16 X Deutschland (Episode: Brandenburg)”


  • 12:00Gundermann (2018, Dir. Andreas Dresen, Germany, drama, music, 128 min.) 12+


  • 21:30Gundermann (2018, Dir. Andreas Dressen, Germany, drama, music, 128 min.) 12+. Repeat