2019, Nepal, 120 min., Col., 16+
Director, Screenwriter: Binod Paudel
Cinematographer: Sushan Prajapati
Cast: Swastima Khadka, Mukun Bhusal, Joes Pandey, Laxmi Bardewa, Dipak Chhetri, Ujwal Adhikari, Alina Karki
Producer: AbeeralThapa, BhimThapa, Raju Paudel, Purushottam Pandey
Cast: SwatimaKhadka, MukunBhusal, LaxmiBardewa, Joes Pandey, Deepak Chhettri, UjjwalAdhikari, Alina Karki

An urban drama about the women's position in the modern Nepal (what they can and can't do). The protagonist is a tempo driver (women do that now). She makes her own living now, after her husband had left for Saudi Arabia seven years ago and had stopped supporting her long time ago. She has sent her daughter off to boarding school and she's got a paralyzed father-in-law on her hands to take care of. When a new and persevering suitor comes into her life, the woman considers remarrying. Her neighbors disapprove of the dissolute woman (a married woman bringing another man into her house). Her sweetheart suddenly disappears without explanation. And her husband is about to return back to the country, but there is no feelings in this marriage for her, it has run its course. The usual type of films selected for the programs of international film festivals is the exported social apologue with action taking place in rural setting (with foreign investors and crew

Bulbul is written and directed by Binod Paudel, principal of Oscar International College of Film Studies which has produced quite a few film-makers of the New Wave of Nepali Cinema.
Binod Paudel, writer-director of the film Bulbul, is the campus chief of Nepal’s first film school, Oscar International College. Most of the films made by the college’s alumni have accrued accolades, not just locally but also globally. They have been critically acclaimed, and many-a-time, been commercially successful. Just think of think Loot, Chaadke, Kalo Pothi, and Katha 72. The college is rightly credited for helping usher in a new wave of Nepali cinema and many of its alumni are current industry leaders.


  • 19:30BulBul (2019, Dir.Binod Paudel, Nepal, drama, 117 min.) 16+


  • 19:00BulBul (2019, Dir. Binod Paudel, Nepal, drama, 117 min.) 16+. Repeat