2018, India, drama, 123 min., col., 16+
Director: Dominic Megam Sangma
Writer: Dominic Megam Sangma
Cinematography: Venu Gajjala
Editor: Hira Das
Original music: Anon Cheran Momin, Gabriel Ga're Momin
Producer: Xu Jianshang, Dominic Megam Sangma
Production company: Anna Films
Cast: Philip Sangma, Brilliant Marak, Hailin Sangma

• Shanghai International Film Festival, 2019 – (Winner: Best Cinematography);
• International Film Festival Thrissur, 2019 – (Winner: Best Film);
• Bangalore International Film Festival, 2019 – (Official Selection).

A “tribal film” by the Garo-ethnic director from the state of Meghalaya. There is much more sophistication and complexity than meets the eye. The time is running out for an old man, who is wondering, whether he is going meet with his wife in the afterlife. He has remarried after her passing and his spouse – as it now turns out – was cheating on him. He seeks the answer to his question from a catholic priest, tribal fortuneteller, his age-mate who hasn't converted from animalism to christianity. And so we observe the vast fabric of what modern life is for the Garo people (a combination of archaic ways and technical innovations with elements of dual belief system). The director's father (playing himself) has portrayed the lead character and, perhaps, the story that we see, had happened for real for some family.

Dominic Sangma is a graduate of Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, India. He worked in National Film and Development Corporation Ltd, for two years before he opened his own Production Company called ANNA FILMS. He also teaches Direction and Script Writing at Film and Television Institute, Itanagar, India. He filmed a number of short films and documentaries that were selected for international festivals.

2014 – “Rong’kuchak”
2018 – “Ma-ama”


  • 14:30Ma-ama (2018, Dir.Dominic Sangma, India, 124 min.) 16+


  • 14:00Ma-ama (2018, Dir.Dominic Sangma, India, 124 min.) 16+. Repeat